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The cool rain weather acquired below 20 DEG C [review] yesterday is expected today, the rain will gradually invaded the city, the city will cool rain tomorrow, when the gas temperature will be lower than 26 DEG C Chongqing evening news the day an invigorating autumn climate is about to pull down the curtain. Yesterday, the city meteorological station predicted that the rain will gradually invade the mountain city today, the city will cool down tomorrow, the temperature will be lower than 26 degrees. Weather experts remind the public to pay attention to clothing and cold. During the Mid Autumn Festival, the weather in our city is clear and the temperature is up to 37 degrees centigrade. Today is the first working day after the festival, the city meteorological observatory is expected to begin today, rain will take the lead in the invasion of the north of the Yangtze River, the temperature will slightly decline. 到了明天全城飘雨,全市最高气温将难超26℃,后天主城最高气温或低于24℃。 The cool rain weather, will let the city from the autumn footsteps getting closer, the temperature dropped by 6 degrees Celsius, we need time to add clothing to prevent colds. Three days of weather forecast in the main city: today, cloudy days, 22~30 degrees. Tomorrow’s rain, 21~26 C. The day after the rain, 20~24 degrees. Today’s hot: man drunk in the street bullying the girl’s boyfriend was down two times 5000 yuan a doctor put all sorts of things together without action let him regret the intestines are green Chongqing sister Ai Mengmeng has daughter pregnant belly exposure in all parts of the bulk moon cake shelf video for further reading to fight in the district, the central meteorological station has nothing to do with this article cold air eastward south south will rain down

降雨降温来了 后天低至20℃ [导读]昨天市气象台预计,今天雨水将逐步入侵山城,明天全城将降温降雨,届时各地气温将低于26℃重庆晚报讯 秋高气爽的天即将拉下帷幕。昨天市气象台预计,今天雨水将逐步入侵山城,明天全城将降温降雨,届时各地气温将低于26℃。气象专家提醒市民需注意添衣防感冒。中秋期间,我市天气先雨后晴,气温最高达到37℃左右。今天是节后首个工作日,市气象台预计,今天开始雨水将率先入侵长江沿线以北地区,各地气温将略微下滑。到了明天全城飘雨,全市最高气温将难超26℃,后天主城最高气温或低于24℃。此轮降温降雨天气,会让主城离入秋脚步越来越近,气温回落幅度在6℃左右,大家需及时添加衣物防感冒。主城三天天气预报:今天,多云间阴天,22~30℃。明天小雨,21~26℃。后天阴转小雨,20~24℃。今日热点:男子酒后当街耍流氓 遭受害女孩的男友打倒两次 东拼西凑5000元看病 一个无心动作让他肠子都悔青了 重庆妹儿艾梦萌已生下女儿 孕期大肚照曝光 主城月饼全部下架 部分散装转战区县 视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 中央气象台:冷空气东移南下 南方将降雨降温相关的主题文章: