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The reporter interviewed Sichuan "cliff village": the government should Beijing steel ladder – rebuilt in reference news network September 27th reported that the U.S. media said, if you have a child or children to know how many have complained about the school running, so please take a look at the difficulties children face China southwest of Sichuan province. The village of ADO lrrr. National Public Radio website published in September 25th entitled "reporter Anthony Kuhn? Chinese elementary school difficult" the tramp over mountains and through ravines, the article excerpts are as follows: the primary school where to go one-way vertical half mile walk, must use the wooden ladder and staggered across the steep cliff. This place is known as the "cliff village" in the Chinese media, located in Liangshan, from the provincial capital of Chengdu, 8 hours drive south line. The road passes through the fertile Sichuan basin and extends up the upper reaches of the Yangtze river. Getting closer and closer to Liangshan, the road is getting harder and harder, the mountains are getting higher and higher. More and more tunnels without lights. I recently climbed up the dirt lrrr village. There are 72 families in this remote and impoverished village. Until 1950s, 5 million 400 thousand of the population of China’s ethnic minority Yi has been the implementation of the second. According to China’s 2000 census, nearly 1/4 of the Yi people over the age of 15 are illiterate. In Zhaojue County, where the school is located, the illiteracy rate is 40%. It takes hours to climb to the top of the 2600 foot high. In recent years, several people from the mountains fall down. In some places there are ladders made of wood, vines, or rusty metal. In some places there are ropes and cables — or between the mountain and valley hundreds of feet deep. Only a few weeds. Top level. With corn and old mud, misty peaks around. I live in a farmhouse in the Mo family. Most people in the village are called "Mo color", is a big family. They made a fire in the fireplace in the middle of the room, the roof was smoky. In the main house outside, with the pen and the bullpen. The host killed a chicken and served us with stew. A 21 year old male was mo color (sound) in the nearby town of dry construction. He said: "what is convenient. There’s nothing to buy here." Mok said the villagers raised livestock, corn and potatoes, but no way down the mountain, only their own kind of food. He calmly said: "we are incapable of action. We have no money down on home. However, we would like to move to the mountains." That night, I play a hammock beside a river bolt. The second day early in the morning, more than a dozen school children and their families gathered at the edge of the mountain, ready to go down, because the new semester began. Mo color home to send 13 year old daughter pull (sound) to school. She was wearing a pink sweater with Mickey mouse. Only this year, she will be in grade four, because her parents had not let her go to school until she was old enough to go to school. She said: "after leaving home, I am very sad, but happy is the school and school." These children usually stay at school. On weekends, they often climb home. However, after the Chinese media reported the village in June, local officials were under pressure to stop the children相关的主题文章: