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The scientific program "brain hole wide open will broadcast the" Gao Bo science coffee – Sohu   entertainment; science program "" brain hole wide open will be broadcast by CCTV Sohu entertainment news comprehensive channel to build science quiz show "brain hole wide open" will play 18:00 every Sunday night in the CCTV broadcast in November 6th. The program by CCTV a set of refueling! To create the future "cast. Oprah Chen Huan, CCTV children’s presenter Du Yue, "little Russian meat" David jointly composed "don’t want to grow up" team with three children. "The curious youth team confrontation, to challenge the scientific knowledge. CCTV Oprah Gao Bo for the first time will also play science presenter, witty second science funny coffee, expect the introduction of new aspect. Gao Bo Chen Huan and the children "the pit" foreigners "grab" delicacy you know chefs can rely on scientific knowledge to produce unheard of "molecular delicacy"? In the period of "" brain hole wide open, Asian culinary masters Chen Yihong to show you a method of making a variety of molecular delicacy, and caused many small collective friends exclaimed. In this issue of the program, David tried many times the real eggs and molecular eggs, and Gao Bo said: "foreigners’ pit ‘bar." It is the turn of the molecular stone, Chen Huan is the junior team players directly grab up, this is what is going on? In November 6th, the hole open will be announced. Continuation of the "refueling! To the future "National Science wind" brain hole wide open "aimed at children in July this year, large-scale scientific experiments show" CCTV integrated channel prime time launch refueling! "To the future" to the audience left a deep impression, and many interesting scientific experiments to the audience. While "ChiaTai brain hole wide open" continuation of the "gas! To the future, the way of science popularization, will be a lot of scientific knowledge through the easy to understand scientific experiments to interpret, and more targeted at young people. In the program settings, the program is divided into big guess guess, who’s brain hole, the ultimate confrontation of the three links. Both the "refueling! Interesting to the future, but also gave birth to a new scientific experiment suitable for young people to watch. The program group will be part of the answer to the problem through the network for users collect; "whose brain hole section is directly started to actively participate in the pupils’ brains, to be small hit off. "Hole open" program group into Beijing, Shanghai, Wenzhou, more than a dozen campuses and kindergartens, won the warm welcome of many students and children. Do not do not know science really wonderful, the program slogan also let the ability to become a major aspect of the show. A drop of rain is equal to 50 mosquito raindrops on the mosquito is a disaster? Raindrops turned out to be a natural enemy of mosquitoes!" This is a good news for people who hate mosquitoes. A raindrop is equal to the weight of 50 mosquitoes, it means that the raindrops hit the mosquito, mosquitoes will die? The problem in this program, so that the audience are thrown into the brain hole wide open, and do not want to grow up and "answer curious boy" team although it seems clear, but in the video verification has been another feedback. What is the natural enemy of mosquitoes?!相关的主题文章: