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The grassland stone, even buried secrets – Taipusiqi government tourism Sohu Baochang County, 20 kilometers west of millions of years ago, underground, geological landscape — stone mountain is formed after the eruption of a volcano. Look at the station at the foot of the mountain, perpendicular to the layers of stone stands, almost a straight line, steep and straight, it reminds me of the columnar joints with Jeju Island. We drove from Gong Bao La hematoxylin, probably more than an hour after the arrival of stone mountain. The stone mountains stand far away, and the local shepherds have long since they are a bunch of ordinary stones, their own home. However, the stone mountain is indeed hidden in the mystery of hundreds of millions of years ago, the secret of the prairie heart. The mountain peak, you can more clearly see the vast grassland So that is what it is. really will, let you forget all worries, that human beings are so small. Photography Xiamen Airlines style on hundreds of millions of years ago, you were here as can be imagined, a world of waters sea, now turned into a columnar jointed stands in the grasslands of the belt. The stone is after the volcano lava meets sea water cooling cold forming the columnar rock group, the rock section of the column is regular polygon, a root pillars erected, constitute another natural wonders! Who is here in a world of waters sea millions of years ago, the sea also buried volcano, imagine the cold water with hot lava, that is what kind of fire and water blend, since ancient times is incompatible, can let them together what power to form such a wonderful natural landscape, feeling the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of nature it. Here is Taipusiqi gol, straight-line distance from Beijing is less than 300 kilometers, here the volcano remains numerous, widely distributed in the Mesozoic (about 230 million to 67 million years) the remains of a volcano! These pillars are the basalt pillars formed by volcanic eruptions. I checked some information, found that according to the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift, volcano and earthquake should be distributed mainly in the contact plate and the edges of plates, due to the collision between the plates caused by the extrusion of the volcano and earthquake. But the volcanoes on the Inner Mongolia plateau are not at the edge of the plate, but inside the plate". The existence of a volcano within the plate challenges the theory of plate tectonics. In order to explain this phenomenon, the mantle plume theory has been developed, which is not caused by the compression between the plates, but by the magma rising from the mantle of the earth. Photography ShaHang style autumn in Inner Mongolia has been close to zero temperature, the wind blows, the difficulty of each step before we die, I didn’t wear a hat, no ear has been frozen, but for this quest in the underground buried secrets, strong endure cold, a step by step up climb. In fact, the mountain is not high, probably more than 100 meters above sea level, but it is more than 100 meters above sea level, has been frozen up, boarded the peak, overlooking the distance, e相关的主题文章: