The twelfth session of the Forum on climate change and energy sustainable development across the Tai-roxane hayward

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The twelfth cross strait climate change and energy sustainable development forum held in Taiwan channel, September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter He Yingchun) on September 10th to 11, the twelfth cross strait climate change and energy sustainable development forum held in University of Science and Technology Beijing. Former vice chairman of the CPPCC, China honorary chairman of presidium of Academy of Engineering academician Xu Kuangdi sent a congratulatory message to the forum, he pointed out in his letter, the future of humanity in relation to climate change, energy security is related to people’s well-being. The mitigation of climate change, energy security, protect the ecological environment in the contemporary era, in the great cause of future generations, to make unremitting endeavor. Said Chinese Academy of engineering energy and mining department director Peng Suping, both climate change and energy sustainable development forum has been more than ten years, more than ten years, many experts and scholars on both sides on the field of energy, climate and environmental protection started strategic and forward-looking of words, discussion and cooperation, embodies the cross-strait experts wisdom, and "green development" concept has become times coincide, on both sides of experts and scholars in related fields to discuss climate change policy, to seek the road of sustainable development of energy exchanges and cooperation platform. Beijing municipal Party committee deputy secretary general Guo Guangsheng introduced the economic and social development in Beijing, he pointed out that in recent years, climate change and energy sustainable development more and more attention from all over the world, the earth is facing a series of problems caused by extreme weather, sustainable development and environmental protection attention. Beijing has always attached great importance to energy and environmental issues, to improve the capital’s sustainable development ability as the core, the green development concept throughout the whole capital development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society as a way to speed up the development of economic transformation and an important focal point. Juridical person of Taiwan sustainable energy research foundation, chairman of cross-strait climate change and Sustainable Energy Development Forum Taiwan director Chien participants shared the "three points": first, the convening of the forum coincided with the "days", last year the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris by the "Paris agreement", the world consensus under the auspices of the United Nations, during the period shortly before the G20 summit, the United States and China jointly announced the approval of the "Paris agreement", this is a critical moment in the history of human development, into the "act" of the times; second, the forum is "location" in Beijing, Beijing as the economic, political and cultural center, the gathering of the elite a low carbon city in Beijing, environmental protection and other construction and exciting results; third, "and" the most important forum for more than ten years On the other hand, scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Straits have accumulated a good interpersonal relationship, with frequent exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, and strive for common cause. From the two sides of the Taiwan Strait energy, environmental experts in the field of energy revolution, green economic development from different angles to the guests to share their latest research results. Guests also from the energy reform, the integration of resources, energy conversion, industrial energy saving, energy strategy, energy technology, power planning research, sponge city construction, low carbon home practice, garbage and other aspects of the magnetization splitting introduces the latest research progress in advanced practice, etc.. Including 11 Chinese Academy of engineering, the 1相关的主题文章: