The two tigers to war, a crash reason where crude oil, crude oil asphalt to straddle the quilt up alienware m17x

The "two tigers" to "war", a crash reason where crude oil, crude oil asphalt to release Sina pupil quilt fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Trust, like the child at the sky, she can still smile, because she believes you can catch. Trust, is the origin of all cooperation, if skeptical cooperation, such cooperation is not long, the profit is not a single win, money is not a game. When you are willing to let go of the past thinking, when you are willing to let go of the halo of the past, with the zero point of the mentality of the hands of our cooperation, even if you close your eyes, I will never let you get lost! Mr. Jiang think influence the financial market two big data: (a guide of idealism: jybj998): the Fed interest rate hike, but that year will raise interest rates once. The Federal Reserve on Wednesday (September 21st) to maintain interest rates unchanged, but because of further improvement in the job market, strongly hinted that monetary policy may still be tightened before the end of the year. On September the Federal Reserve interest rate hike has been settled, but also for the financial market to provide the effective influence, and with the September meeting of the past, the November election approaching, the interest rate to reduce the probability, then the rest will be in December, and in December an interest rate increase will be a high probability event; the Bank of Japan: a substantial adjustment of monetary policy framework of financial market crazy moment. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) on Wednesday (September 21st) announced that the level of interest rates remain unchanged in the negative index of 0.1[%], while a substantial adjustment monetary policy framework, and decided to set long-term interest rates target. At the same time, the Bank of Japan also abandoned the basic monetary target, and hinted that further interest rate cuts and asset purchase. After the release of the interest rate decision, the financial market instantly into madness, the yen after a sharp decline in the height of the day, after the resumption of the resumption of Japanese stocks jumped, while the price of gold is also extremely volatile. Crude oil after Friday Chonggao down still charge a little sun star, four continuous positive trend in oil prices slightly weaker at the technical level, the price repeatedly on the $46.1 mark above the resistance level were not successful, the last in the under the influence of the way down to $45.44. Sudden freeze production agreement oil prices jumped sharply to straighten the highest point of $46.55. But then again let the price of oil from Saudi propaganda mountains directly fell to the bottom, the lowest reach 44.43 lows. The daily chart to see the bands necking operation, K line running on the cloth belt rail above K blocked by the band MA5 MA10 $47.6 to suppress, average pay in 44.7 to run MACD, Bollinger band rail still $45.2 in position to form the key support, MACD index in 0 near the cross shaft adhesive MACD running, red volume volume, index is weak; the comprehensive analysis by teacher Jiang news to stimulate short relatively strong trend; (more detailed and accurate analysis of study related knowledge add teacher Jiang Ye Ba Jin "WeChat Guide: jybj998) on silver相关的主题文章: