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The United States policy toward failure to pass the buck China looking calm – Sohu news [Global Times reported] American bombers over South Korea the same day, six party talks with the head of South Korea Kim Hongjun, head of the U.S. State Department special representative for North Korean policy Jinchengzai meeting in Seoul. After the two sides announced that it will take all measures to strengthen the pressure on the dprk. "The United States: China sanctions must help block the loopholes, the Agence France-Presse said on this topic, Jinchengzai South Korea said, since this year, North Korea has two nuclear test fired more than and 20 missiles. "North Korea once again blatantly ignores its international commitments and obligations…… Even with North Korea’s standards, it is unprecedented". He also said that in the show to North Korea, its illegal and dangerous behavior will face serious consequences, China has an important role, we look forward to working with Beijing, efforts to block any loopholes". Compared to the United States Secretary of defense Carter had talked about North Korea’s nuclear test again, declaring that "this is the responsibility of Chinese Chinese, this development has a great responsibility also has great responsibility to reverse the situation", although many gold also shirk responsibility "to Chinese body too, but many ease. According to Broadcasting British Corporation, South Korea and the United States agreed to expand sanctions against North Korea, China and Russia’s cooperation is very important. Prior to the Washington Times said that after the North Korean nuclear test, China and the United States accused each other ineffective action. In response to Carter’s remarks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said 12, said the United States should assume due responsibility. "Japanese economic news" 13, said that for North Korea, to ensure the safety of its system is the United States, its system is also a threat to the United states. North Korea has repeatedly implemented missile launches and nuclear tests and other provocation, the purpose is to pull the United States to the negotiating table. But Obama stressed that the United States does not recognize North Korea as a nuclear power, is not willing to negotiate with North korea. However, the 5 North Korean nuclear test implementation of the 4 is that in Obama’s tenure, Obama did not wait for the government, play a role in North Korea to change its attitude of "strategic patience policy". Japan’s "Asahi Shimbun" said North Korea informed in advance to the China will be the fifth nuclear test message. China foreign minister Wang Yi 13, talked with South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi call. Wang Yi said that China has made a stand against North Korea nuclear test. China supports the UN Security Council on the nuclear test make the necessary response, also requires the parties to calm and restraint, avoid further exacerbate tensions in action. The resolution of the nuclear issue on the peninsula will eventually return to the track of dialogue and negotiation. Wang Yi reiterated China’s opposition to the United States in the Korean deployment "Sade" system position, urged South Korea to respect the concerns of the Chinese side, must be cautious. Global Times in North Korea, South Korea, Japan reporter Zhou Zhiran, Global Times reporter, Wang Wei,] [] []] []] []] []] []] []] Global Times reporter in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, the相关的主题文章: