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The woman looked her daughter was her ex husband to stop her daughter playing poison to save Haixi morning news "if they let me see her, I won’t go down this road." Bars, a lovely face was haggard and young woman remarks to reporters, gently sighed, everything seems like a nightmare. Sweet marriage leaving only a pile of barren memory, once lovely daughter because she became dementia…… Once beautiful, now can only become the memories behind bars. The couple did not divorce his daughter, the young woman called He Xi (a pseudonym), is a divorced mother, because her ex husband repeatedly blocked not to visit her daughter, she thought the way and through the injection of mouse drops together. In the summer of 2010, was introduced, where Xi from his home in Guangxi to work in Xiamen, Longyan and Yongding boy Zhang Tao (a pseudonym) in love after 3 months, two people got married. In September 2011, her daughter was born. Where Xi want to the big city, let her live a better life, and Zhang Tao wanted to do business in my hometown. Because of the difference of educational ideas, habits and other aspects of the final two. In October 2015, two people divorce. The two sides agreed at the time, a good man raised by the little woman, enjoy the right to visit. The man wanted to see her daughter repeatedly blocked unexpectedly, He Xi several times to visit her daughter were Zhang Tao and his family to stop. Where Xi had the day called Zhang Tao, begged him agreed to return regularly to meet his daughter, but was refused. Later, Zhang Tao replaced the mobile phone number directly. In January 2016, He Xi was unable to contact Zhang Tao, at this time, she has completely collapsed. At this time, her mind flashed some terrible thought. Injection of poison fortunately was promptly found on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2016, where Xi Zhang Tao came home again, this time, she saw her daughter. She wanted to take my daughter to go to town to buy some new clothes, but was opposed to Zhang Tao and his family, and lead to quarrels and physical conflict. Zhang Tao chose the alarm, and what is Xi hid in the bathroom, the mouse drug injected into his wrist, and the needle tube remaining inside the mouth to swallow the medicine injection in mice. Where Xi has some syncope, at this time, she took the opportunity to daughter to the two floor room, the mice with potion needle injection to the subsequent neck, with her daughter to die. Zhang Tao heard her upstairs crying, ran up, found the needle scars have a daughter neck, immediately rushed to hospital, the police found what Xi also vomiting, syncope phenomenon, will also be sent to hospital for treatment. The court held that, where XI by injecting poison with intent to kill others, causing a serious injury, his behavior constituted the crime of intentional homicide. She has embarked on a murder crime, due to reasons other than the will but not succeed, the Department attempted crime, according to the law can reduce the punishment CF completes the crime. The daughter is poisoning, toxic encephalopathy, the degree of injury is secondary injuries. Recently, Longyan city Yongding District People’s Court of intentional murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in eight years and three months where xi.

女子看女儿遭前夫阻拦 给女儿打鼠药欲同归于尽海西晨报讯 “要是当初他们让我见女儿,我也不至于走上这条不归路。”铁窗前,一名面容姣好却满脸憔悴的年轻女子对记者说完此番话后,轻轻叹了口气,似乎一切都恍如恶梦。曾经甜蜜的婚姻只留下一堆荒芜的记忆,曾经可爱的女儿竟因她变得痴呆……曾经的美好,如今都只能在铁窗里成为回忆。夫妻不和离婚 女儿归男方这位年轻的女子叫何汐(化名),是一位离异妈妈,只因前夫多次阻拦不让其探望女儿,她竟想到通过注射老鼠药水的方式和女儿同归于尽。2010年的夏天,经人介绍,何汐从老家广西到厦门打工,与龙岩永定的小伙子张韬(化名)恋爱3个月后,两人闪电结婚。2011年9月,女儿出生。何汐想要到大城市,让女儿生活得更好,而张韬则想在家乡做点生意。最后两人因教育理念、生活习惯等方面的差异。2015年10月,两人协议离婚。当时双方约定,小可由家境好的男方抚养,女方享有探望权。想见女儿 屡遭男方阻拦没想到,何汐数次去探望女儿均被张韬及家人阻拦。何汐只得每天打电话给张韬,哀求他同意自己定期回去见见女儿,但却遭受拒绝。后来,张韬直接更换了手机号码。2016年1月,何汐还是无法联系上张韬,这时,她已经彻底崩溃了。此时,她脑海里闪过一些可怕的念头。注射鼠药幸被及时发现2016年春节前夕,何汐再次来到张韬老家,这次,她见到了女儿。她想带女儿去镇上买些新衣服,但遭到了张韬及其家人的反对,并引发争吵和肢体冲突。张韬选择了报警,而何汐则躲进了卫生间,将老鼠药注射到自己的手腕处,并将针筒内剩余的老鼠药水注射到嘴内吞服。何汐已经有些晕厥,此时,她趁机将女儿带到二楼房间,将老鼠药水用针筒注射到其后颈部,欲与女儿同归于尽。张韬听到女儿在楼上大哭,赶紧跑上去,发现女儿后颈部有针眼伤痕,立即将其送往医院抢救,民警发现何汐也有呕吐、晕厥现象,也将其送往医院救治。法院经审理认为,何汐通过注射毒鼠药意图杀死他人,致一人重伤,其行为已构成故意杀人罪。她已经着手实施杀人的犯罪,由于意志以外的原因而未得逞,系犯罪未遂,依法可以比照既遂犯减轻处罚。女儿系灭鼠药中毒、中毒性脑病,损伤程度属重伤二级。近日,龙岩市永定区人民法院以故意杀人罪判处何汐有期徒刑八年三个月。相关的主题文章: