The woman to do &quot promotion gifts as bait; ” together with others, more than 500

The woman to do " promotion gifts as bait; " together with others, fraud more than 500 North Bayannaoer daily news to obtain incomes for the "performance", the young woman Lee in partnership with others to victims of sales calls, free gifts as bait, a variety of value sales of expensive selling collectibles, promised annual rebate. After the expiration, Lee and other staff left, more than 80 victims cheated more than 500 yuan. The evening of November 6th, Linhe District, Bayannaoer Public Security Bureau police brigade police found in the unity of a hotel found Lee did not register identity information, asked her to cooperate with the inspection. But Lee refused to cooperate, saying the police seriously disturb the legitimate citizens to rest, threatened to complain. The police after repeated negotiations, Li Moucai will dally card to the police for examination. After comparison, Lee Department a week ago by the Baotou police wanted fugitives online, the police immediately control. After investigation, by the end of 2014 to December 2015, Baotou a company employee Lee with free gifts, regular rebates, high recovery as bait to cheat more than 80 victims spent more than 500 yuan to buy the company sells all kinds of collectibles. The company earned by the difference in the development of the proceeds of the collection of funds, the final funding strand breaks, the suspect Lee et al. In November 6th, Lee did not expect to Linhe ready to return to prostitution, the police encountered rounds was arrested.相关的主题文章: