The world Tokgo exposure stills Shengshi striking beauty costumes (video)

"Lonely world" exposure stills striking beauty costumes flourishing entertainment news by Tencent, and Oriental Star billion century, music video, called mutual entertainment, Hunan Asia Cultural CO produced the song, Hu Bingqing, Zhang Danfeng, Ady Ann, Xu Zhengxi, Li Yixiao, Hao Ming Palace starring costume idol historical drama "Tokgo world" now is hot shot. Recently, the drama starring the exposure of a group of stills, dressed in costumes, the northern and Southern Dynasties different appearance, flourishing beauty eye-catching, character relationships are also on the horizon. The details revealed too beautiful costumes stills characters in a group of this mystery stills released in six starring full debut, other stunning numerous suction eye. Played by well-known actress Hu Bingqing Secernosaurus dressed in green clothes, Kiara smile Qian Xi, and the identity of white fluff Lapel complement each other. Popular niche Zhang Danfeng sword, angry look awe inspiring, and the generation of male Lord Yang Jian’s identity is quite fit. Ady Ann plays Secernosaurus Prajna is dressed in a yellow dress, look worried, with the help of the same frowning side father Tokgo letter, had something like stagnation. Xu Zhengxi plays the role of retaining Yuwen wearing black robes, the deep Machiavellian scheming brow, as if ready to set off a bloody. Tokgo would a light powder dress, Li Yixiao played a pretty strange appearance, anti significant. Played by Ying Haoming, the Zhou emperor Yong Yuwen, sitting on the bed, in the black and gold woven coat under the shade, faint trace of extravagance. This group will be magnificent costumes and stills of the character, the fate of the perfect fusion, full of heavy sense of history at the same time, the relationship between the characters of mystery revealed. The "world" Tokgo official has exposed six star stills, and now this group of stills, full costume and shape of the beauty of the details, showing the moment TV dramas in rare Oriental aesthetic characteristics. Since the online release of "Tokgo world" stills, there are countless netizens said: "still too afraid to look at the United states." The explosion of effort to build a team spirit beauty conspicuous "Tokgo world" now is Hengdian hot shot, the ancient palace idol historical drama backing is not small, behind the team sitting on the industry explosion team, art director Xixi Gao, director He Shu, screenwriter Zhang Pei Wei, director Lin Guohua, Chen Tongxun, art design the design of Zhong Zhipeng and producer Lin Jin Nobel, the seven big coffee circle called the industry flow and reputation double play, each one of the classic works of almost all the new record on demand flow network. Among them, won the Golden Horse Award for best design award of the Chen Tongxun surgeon had too many film and television works, such as "Mei Lanfang", "The Legend of Zhen Huan", has been the industry experts joked: "a Chen Tongxun won ten women’s locker room". This time, he will own excellent aesthetic ability "into the world" will only Tokgo, grace and character fusion, heighten the drama system of the soul, conspicuous. And then, the innumerable twists and turns legend of love, a generation of imperial history will be how to interpret? Please look forward to "lonely world". Cabinet beauty theme song Zhou Yumin Hu Bingqing Simon hit poignant way相关的主题文章: