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Drops of thousands of layoffs and the price, how to make network about cars – Sohu Technology Abstract: by layoffs, perhaps not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The media reported the | November 15th training camp Wang Hong with a heated discussion and step China drops just break soon, and then broke a bit pushed to the public. Recently, the media reported that the express business is being implemented drops thousand scale layoffs, have been or are in the process of abolition of hundreds of people, and the downsizing plan target is 1000 people. A cut of 1000 people, is really generous! Didi said that layoffs is "groundless statement", that "layoffs argument is groundless statement, drops amplification in the new office building in Beijing on the opening, welcome to come to visit you". Analysys analyst told the media training camp said, did not receive the exact information that no reason for layoffs, layoffs, layoffs so the assumption is not established. The Shenzhou car, in the media interview training camp response attitude is ambiguous, that can go to investigate, but not easy to comment. The media training camp for staff issues related interviewed vice president drops, as of press time, has not yet received a reply. What are the reasons for layoffs? In fact, layoffs are not Weakness lends wings to rumours. still be tracked. First, drops and excellent step after the merger of China, a large number of employees, job duplication is bound to optimize. Public information, and excellent step in China before the merger, there are about 6000 trips around, excellent step China close to 1000 people, which means that the number of subsequent generations of up to 7000 people. The two companies after the merger of similar business will have a lot of repeat jobs, personnel optimization is imperative. Second, travel drops announced in November 9th, has reached a cooperation with more than and 150 taxi companies, seems to be a "operation burden" signs. Didi said the cooperation will explore the network of about taxi and taxi integration of diversified development path. Third, drops about the implementation of the new car network may be the direct cause of layoffs. Around the net about car rules have been introduced, for vehicle and driver household has more clear strict requirements, private cars to lose most of the pieces express (or people excellent step) will be excluded, shall not engage in the network about the car operation. Fourth, the cause of the capital chain, from subsidies to profit. The past has been the burn subsidies mode, are unfavorable for the development of any Internet Co, with the passage of time, it is bound to change the strategic adjustment, so as to obtain profit. In fact, after the merger of China’s excellent step, the price soared straight line. Although the official denied the price increase, but the reduction in subsidies, busy when the price increases caused by the use of passenger express price increases. A trickle of fast users to tell the media training camp, in the open drops to see the express charge 15.4 yuan, while the taxi as long as the starting price of $14 and then chose a taxi. After all, the taxi master more recognition of the road, is the time to catch the best partner". Mergers and acquisitions is often the case seems to be merged with each of the enterprises, have to make several layoffs storm. First look at the United States Mission and public comment. In the United States and the public comment in the integration process, can not be avoided!相关的主题文章: