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Vacation-Rentals With 800 miles of beautiful coastline, Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus between Caribbean Sea on the east, and Pacific Ocean on the west. Costa Rica Coastal properties demonstrate sugary white sand beaches that exibit the exquisite seascapes of any tropical paradise. For many years, Costa Rica real estate has been one of the most feasible and wanted after investment alternatives to the United State’s investors and home buyers. The natural beauty of the country and also the low-priced entry to high-end beach living are one of the reasons why a lot of people prefers to purchase vacation houses or second house in Costa Rica. The country is known for its eco tourism, adventure tourism, .munity rural tourism, health tourism as well as cruises, and luxury living. The things below is attributed to the constant growing demand for Costa Rica homes lately: Location and Stability Costa Rica has been named "the Greenest Country in the World" by the New Economics Foundation, which also puts it at number 1 position in the Happy Planet Index. The government, in 2007, has released a program to make Costa Rica the first carbon neutral country by 2021. The country offers an ideal location for Costa Rica vacation homes. The weather is enjoyable with an regular temperature lying between 28 degree Celsius (high) and 17 degree Celsius (low). The country has protected roughly 25% if its land mass (1,33,250 hectares) for national recreational areas. Costa Rica is called the Switzerland of Central America. The spotless beauty and diversity of life forms in the country presents you a perfect spot to devote your leisure time. This is one more reason why Costa Rica have improved in need in the past few years. Proximity to the U.S. close to the major US cites leads to another reason why most property investors are investing in Costa Rica actual estate The Latin American country is simply at an airborne distance of 3-5 hours from Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago. It’s about at the same range from Toronto, Canada. This distance makes investing in Costa Rica not just worthwhile for investors, but for guests searching for more reasonably priced and faster trips to reach a luxurious tropical holiday. Political Balance Political balance of a country is a key consideration when investing in foreign lands, and Costa Rica property investment is no distinct. However, the country has a stable political situation with regards to business and property dealers. In a March 2009 particular report entitled "Manning the Barricades", The Economist released a detailed forecast showing the existing world financial crisis and its probable consequences on political balance. Within the report individual countries where rated for weakness of political instability. In accordance with the report Costa Rica is ranked among the world’s most steady countries, with only six countries rated higher out of 165. Costa Rica is a presidential representative democratic republic with three branches – Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. It is among the oldest and the most steady democracy in the Latin America. In 1948 the Latin American country has abolished its Army, after succeeding the civil war, which was the final agitation, the country has experienced. And since 1949 it is living calmly in the lap of nature. The stability of government has also favorably influenced the country’s currency, CRC, Costa Rica colon. The US Dollar is an additional currency that country values as legal tender. It is accepted almost all around the country. Investments in Costa Rica real estate are secure. Together with having a lovely second house in Costa Rica, home owners may also expect a healthy gain on your investment later on. Costa Rica has its sights set on another 10 years of remarkable growth and development. Investors in Costa Rica business and properties will surely recognize wonderful gains once again as the emerging tourism, carbon neutrality, and business sector continue to gain progress momentum. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: