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The influences of the three favorable for environmental protection plate warming environmental theme funds ushered in the opportunity – fund channel in August 26 the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen hawkish speech Monday, A-share market is A shock consolidation trend, but the market after a small bottom in environmental protection, the concept of PPP under the leadership of quickly pulled up. As of August 29th closing, the stock index at 3070 points, down 0.01%. Among them, the environmental protection sector rose 2.81%, the highest gainers. In the environmental theme driven by strong, some industry index soared, CSI environmental index rose 0.70%, two consecutive trading days or similar among the first index. Environmental protection agency believes that the recent changes frequently, mainly benefited from the following three catalyst, and a favorable policy side constantly; two, the PPP project in development period, environmental protection as one of the PPP project to get together in the field, will greatly thickening performance of listed companies; three, Hangzhou G20 summit Jianxingjianjin, the environmental protection industry to rise. Among them, with the increase in government support, as well as more companies beyond the threshold of the project, the future of environmental protection PPP project will be favored by more enterprises, government and social capital, is the main investment in the future of the environmental industry. Southwest Securities said that the recent market of PPP increasing attention from national policy frequently, PPP project declaration, storage quantity, project landing rates were significantly increased, the environmental sector projects accounted for relatively large, about 30%. The increase in PPP projects will lead to a substantial increase in environmental protection business orders, and promote the growth of environmental protection business performance, long-term sustainable driving the development of environmental protection industry, the future of the environmental sector is worth focusing on. As a buyer agency, GF fund also optimistic about the investment opportunities to accelerate the development of PPP projects. With the accelerated implementation of the PPP project, the environmental protection industry into its main investment areas. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection Planning Institute is expected, "13th Five-Year" during the national environmental protection investment will increase to about 2 trillion yuan per year, social environmental total investment is expected to more than 17 trillion yuan." GF CSI environmental protection industry (001064) fund manager Liu Jie pointed out that the "165 major projects proposed in 13th Five-Year" plan, many of which belong to the public domain of environmental protection. These investments are expected to produce more than one trillion yuan funding gap, the application of PPP mode there is a large space. Reporters noted that the recent A stock market by "universal insurance withdrawal A shares" and "the dollar rate hike is expected to strengthen" the news, A shares market callback, but relative to other industries, the environmental protection industry recently has relative investment value. According to Wind statistics show that from August 16th to August 29th, CSI environmental index rose to 1.74%, while the stock index rose to -1.77%, the trend is relatively stable, the relative performance of contrarian rose. It is understood that GF CSI environmental protection industry (001064) to track the CSI environmental protection industry index covers the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities in the outstanding environmental protection industry related listed companies, with a high degree of industry representation and growth. Statistics show that from 2012 to July 1, 2016, the CSI environmental protection industry index rose 71.5 cumulative.相关的主题文章: