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Three phase 2016264: small arrangement prediction code and value chuhao – Sohu 16263 ranked three out of 110, and the value is 2, the span is 1, the size and shape for small, parity form odd parity, mass for mass close form. 16264 arrangement of three prediction recommended: span forecast: span decline, missing 29 span 1 coming back, the last three span amplitude open 3-0-4, the main fancy and small span amplitude continued to perform. And value: the same period and low to 2 points, from the perspective of the combination model, the next 264 major bullish and value chuhao segment. Serial number: 2016263 award number contains 1 groups of even the code (01), observation of the trend from nearly 30 of the winning results, it is expected that the next phase will fall even 1 groups. Parity: three consecutive parity ratio out of 2-1, the current parity parity parity to be adjusted, this issue is concerned about the value of a substantial rebound. Quality: 262-263 phase of the quality and format of the number of consecutive awards, from the current trend of the number of awards analysis, the 264 phase of the main reference 1:2.相关的主题文章: