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Tiangong two experimental samples successfully recovered space seed flowering in November 18th, in the west of Beijing airport, deputy chief designer of space applications Lv Congmin (left) recovery department chief engineer Ji Gang from the Xi’an satellite control center (right) took the higher plants incubator returns a single element and space material experiment samples. In November 18th, researchers at the Chinese Academy of space application engineering and technology center, researchers from the space to return and flowering of Arabidopsis thaliana. Original title: Tiangong two experimental samples successfully recovered according to the Xinhua News Agency reporters from Chinese Academy of Sciences was informed that the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft with Tiangong two space laboratory in the implementation of separation before the astronauts successfully comprehensive application materials will system Tiangong two cabin space preparation experiment of two batches (twelve) samples the return of higher plant cultivation experiment unit was transferred to the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft. 13:59 on November 18th, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft successfully landed in the main landing field, comprehensive experiment samples, higher plant cultivation experiment unit with the return capsule intact recovery, on the same day 19 am to return to Beijing, delivery system for space applications in the airport and arrived in the hospital, the overall space application system and related experimental personnel conducted experiments sample basic state check, confirm the sample return intact, smooth transfer of relevant experimental scientists. The reporter learned that higher plants incubator return unit of Arabidopsis seeds after 48 days of cultivation and growth space, have been bolting and flowering and podding, marking the completion from seed to seed development process. At present, some of the samples of Arabidopsis have been fixed, and the pod will be returned to the laboratory for further culture. Return to the comprehensive experiment of two batches of samples will be analyzed in the laboratory, 6 samples of third batches of the rail will stay measurement experimental device for thermal characteristics, in order to reveal the law of material physical and chemical processes to learn in the ground gravity environment, obtained the quality of materials preparation technology and production space. Improvement and development of processing technology of ground material guide. The Shenzhou eleven spacecraft, space lab Tiangong two into the independent flight phase, space applications will continue to carry out planned payload on orbit testing and scientific experiments and exploration, scientific equipment to carry out calibration parameters of fine tuning, earth observation equipment and synchronous observation, and in-depth analysis of scientific experiments and exploration data to carry out the application of earth observation data to obtain more scientific achievements, to achieve greater application benefit. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: