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Business Electronic cigarettes are a first line response to quitting the demon tobacco weed and stopping the intake of poisonous chemicals and insecticides which are by products from burning tobacco in cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Electronic cigarettes are dependent on nicotine being inhaled from the tiny atomizer built into the electronic cigarettes; however that is where the resemblance ends when comparing electronic cigarettes to ordinary tobacco filled cigarettes. Stopping the deadly habit of smoking cigarette or tobacco products need not be the agony it has been for generations of smokers in the past; electronic cigarettes enable smokers to make the difficult and somewhat harrowing transition from smoking regular tobacco products and the debilitating side effects and withdrawal symptoms to a product that elicits all the pleasures of smoking without the inherent dangers. Traditional tobacco products are statistically responsible for over 400,000 deaths in America every year and not surprising really when the content of tobacco is analysed and the results show some 5,000 chemicals and compounds are contained therein, including numerous chemicals such as arsenic, formaldehyde, ammonia & benzopyrene just to name a few. electronic cigarettes are a socially acceptable alternative to smoking regular tobacco products because there is no smoke generated; therefore there is no smoke smell hanging in the air, neither are non smokers around or in the immediate vicinity contaminated with the foul smell and acrid burning sensation in their eyes, and neither is there a danger from what is commonly referred to as passive smoking. All in all, electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to regular tobacco products in as much that none of the deadly chemicals or compounds are absorbed into the body. Electric cigarettes work by vaporizing a small amount of liquid nicotine which gives the pleasurable feeling obtained from smoking, but none of the hideous side effects associated with smoking real tobacco products such as stained teeth, foul smelling breath, emphysema, cancer of the lungs, mouth and throat and at worst, a long and agonized slow death. Electric cigarettes have many, many advantages for personal well being and health, but also they offer a great wealth advantage too. Uncle Sam doesn’t tax them as is the case with real tobacco products, and they are cheaper pro rata even without the no tax benefit. For more information and to find out which non tobacco electric cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are right for you and to break the deadly habit of a lifetime, start smelling sweeter and regain your health, log on to ..realelectroniccigarettes.. today and immediately start to reap the benefits. electronic cigarettes 相关的主题文章: