To buy Apple 6S mobile phone, 13 year olds spend grandma’s minimum assurance, but cheated reshacker

To buy Apple 6S mobile phone 13 year old grandmother spent subsistence has cheated recently, Jiulongpo a student because of "gullible online free iPhone6s nouveau riche" scams, scammers cheated thousands of yuan. While the cheated money, the students receive subsistence allowances from the grandmother’s bank card removed. Lee, who lives in Jiulongpo district. In August this year, he saw such a message in the QQ space: "sister free nouveau riche poly popularity, iPhone6s, QQ,????????, only need to forward this message and screenshots, and then you can get the nouveau riche sister, iPhone6s free". Out of curiosity, Lee and other requirements in accordance with the forwarding screenshot, then get in touch with each other. The other in the registration of Lee’s name, contact, address, Lee told the mobile phone can receive, but need 50 yuan courier fee. Lee felt the express fee of $50 can get a iPhone6s mobile phone is very cost-effective, so readily to the other QQ paid envelopes. Unexpectedly, the other has to pass the fees, fees, deposit and the name of activation requesting the remittance, Mike was blinded has to turn to the other side of 3000 yuan, until not contact each other, Li Moucai realized that cheated. Because Lee parents died early, with grandpa grandma’s life. This is the money, grandma Lee secretly from the bank card to transfer to receive subsistence allowances. Lee knew cheated has dared to tell Grandpa and grandma, but not the police. Until recently, grandma with money, Li Moucai had to say something cheated. Police analysis, similar to the "nouveau riche free iPhone6s" hoax, has been able to succeed, there are the following reasons: first, the population age is too small, easily deceived; at the beginning of two, free registration name, address and telephone number, and then asked to pay 50 yuan fee, most people will think 50 yuan can for thousands of dollars worth of mobile phone, you can try; three, under normal circumstances, pay the express fee after asked again remittance, many people will be suspicious, but just this group of small age, poor awareness of fraud prevention, so was the other to the clearance fees, fees, margin activation is some four, defrauding tens of thousands; the group can operate independently of the bank card online payment. Therefore, the police tip: do not believe a pie in the sky, once deceived to the police immediately. Newspaper reporter Jing Ran

为买苹果6s手机 13岁少年花光奶奶的低保却被骗   近日,九龙坡区一名中学生因为轻信网上“土豪免费送iPhone6s”的诈骗伎俩,被骗子骗走几千元。而被骗走的钱,是该学生从其奶奶领取低保的银行卡中取走的。   李某家住九龙坡区。今年8月,他在QQ空间看到这么一则消息:“为聚人气,土豪姐免费送iPhone6s,QQ号为????????,只需要将此消息转发并截图,再和土豪姐联系,就可以免费得到iPhone6s”。出于好奇,李某按照对方要求转发并截图,随后与对方取得联系。   对方在登记了李某的姓名、联系方式、地址后,告诉李某手机可以领取了,不过需要50元的快递费。李某觉得50元的快递费可以得到一个iPhone6s手机很划算,于是爽快地给对方进行了QQ红包支付。没想到,对方又陆续以过关费、激活费、保证金等名义要求李某汇款,被蒙蔽的小李先后给对方转去3000多元,直到后来联系不上对方,李某才意识到被骗。   由于李某父母早年去世,跟随爷爷奶奶生活。这次被骗的钱,就是李某偷偷从奶奶领取低保的银行卡里转出的。李某知道被骗后一直没敢告诉爷爷和奶奶,更不敢报警。直到近日奶奶要用卡里的钱,李某才不得已说出被骗的事情。   警方分析,类似“土豪免费送iPhone6s”之类的骗局,之所以能成功,原因有以下几点:一、针对群体年龄偏小,容易受骗;二、刚开始免费登记姓名、地址、电话,再要求支付50元快递费,大部分人会认为50元可以换价值几千元的手机,可以一试;三、一般情况下,支付快递费后对方要求再汇款时,很多人都会起疑心,但是正好这个群体年龄偏小,防骗意识差,所以被对方以过关费、激活费、保证金骗取几千几万也是有的;四、该群体能独立操作银行卡进行网上支付。   因此,警方提示:不要轻易相信天上掉馅饼的事,一旦上当受骗要立即报警。   本报记者 景然相关的主题文章: