To strengthen the baby’s chewing ability, you can rely on it! Sohu –

To strengthen the baby’s chewing ability, you can rely on it! – often recommended "cake roll up" vegetable eating this way don’t know dear mom did try it looks very unusual but cooking with pretzel roll up Sohu added a lot of interest before the mother, the baby will be very curious to make it a bit off just like before I share Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs (in public no reply at the dialog box can receive "ribs" approach) is also very difficult to chew meat baby see ribs, want to hold to their bite to eat in front of the baby special attractive complementary chewing ability will rapidly increase because of the cute things. I always want to find our own way eat it but here it refers to the exercise of chewing ability is to strengthen the old version, suitable for Baby, usually porridge, noodles chew well, when cooking is to eat, do not love to chew it. Just learn to eat rice paste baby is not suitable for this food yo ~ this is the reason I don’t want to eat just cooking more fun and exercise the baby’s chewing ability and Bao Baoyi held a burrito and Pidianpidian to his mouth, indescribably happy formula: 70g of flour, vegetable rolls potatoes, onion, 70g 40g, 35g 30g, the okra carrot 30g, egg 1 spices: salt, vinegar and a little cooking method: fried reference month: the degree of difficulty: more than 16 months without difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * Practices 1 prepare ingredients: flour, potatoes, onions, 70g 70g 40g, 35g, 30g, okra carrot, egg 1 from 30g. PS: treasure the mother can choose vegetables, can also choose the green pepper, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli and other alternatives, the best two or three baby choose usually love, with a love, so no rolls were found to have wood! 2 potatoes, onions, carrots were cut into filaments, the finer the better. 3 put the potatoes in cold water. PS: potatoes cut into the cold water in order to remove the starch, to prevent black, so that the taste of fried better. 4 pot of water boil, add okra for 2 to 3 minutes, to the dark. PS: Although okra can be eaten raw, but the taste is not very good, with a touch of astringency, but after blanching treatment, okra smooth texture is not greasy, crisp and juicy. In addition, okra is vulnerable to scratches, abrasions soon after dark, selection or storage, to take a single, do not squeeze. It is best to use a fresh bag before putting it in the fridge, and try to keep it flat. 5 pot of water boil, add the boiled for 30 seconds. 6 will be boiled okra and shred chjcory. 7 add a little oil in the pan, heat the oil into the onion and stir fry until fragrant. 8 then add carrot silk.相关的主题文章: