Today, the most beautiful teacher should be what kind of

Today, the most beautiful teacher should be what kind of image? Jiang Li commentary authors "she due to heart failure, dyspnea, dizziness and other symptoms, the doctor recommended immediate surgery. Can be near the end, she can not let go of the child, still adhere to work, after work to go to hospital for treatment. Afraid of being aware of the children, every day she brought a smile in front of them, has been insisting to the children after the test was rushed to the provincial hospital underwent open surgery. The doctor told her to rest over half a year, but she was only two months after he returned to her beloved platform." "Sometimes for several months every night to work overtime late into the night to eat in the cafeteria every day, more is to eat instant noodles, no rest days, no Sunday, so continuous work, did not go home for a few months, her daughter’s learning can not intervene, the daughter did not go back with the senior high school entrance examination with a daughter several times. Call, only by phone Guoqin tube." "The teacher suffering from chronic renal failure, the doctor advised him to stay in hospital for treatment, rest, but he did not delay the study of students and school administrative work, decided to return to school. Years of hard work, so that his disease into uremia, dialysis three times a week, ordinary people can not imagine the pain, but he was calm, still walking every day on the way to school."…… Teacher’s Day is coming, all over the selection of the most beautiful teachers". See the best teacher of the deeds of the material, give up the rest, overtime, night for the students did not take care of their children, the sick do not leave their posts, and so on, is a lot of "best teachers" deeds. There is no doubt that these teachers have a selfless sacrifice and dedication, their achievement is admirable, they are worthy of admiration, "teacher", "the most beautiful teacher" title. However, the modern education needs the most beautiful teacher, should not only such an image. Under the conditions of modern education, teachers should enjoy the right to rest, do not stay up late to do the material, have a healthy body and a harmonious family, to do a full of happiness and honor of the most beautiful teacher". If the best teacher must work overtime, day and night without rest, sick family sacrifice, so that the image of teachers is a very moving, but also make ordinary people "elusive", resulting in a sense of awe and sense of distance. In order to make teachers become an enviable career, we can not simply emphasize the sacrifice and dedication of teachers, but should strengthen the construction of teachers from two aspects of professionalism and specialization. In the aspect of professionalization, teachers should be based on the professional attributes of the teachers, and ensure the treatment and rights of the teachers. Without a good guarantee of teachers’ treatment and basic rights, but it requires teachers selfless dedication, unconditional sacrifice, is not conducive to the construction of teachers from the perspective of professionalism. For example, the teachers salary shall not be lower than the local average wage of civil servants, which is specified by law, local governments must ensure the treatment of teachers, teachers should not give grounds deduction of the treatment of teachers. The right to rest is also the basic rights of the teachers, but some administrative departments, regardless of the rest of the teacher, the teacher to arrange a heavy line相关的主题文章: