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Trump responded that Hilary "insulted" supporters: she is not qualified to be president of Sohu News – US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? 9 in a private fund-raising occasions, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump supporters are half? "The sad people". A speech, caused an uproar. Hilary, 10, stand up to apologize for their excessive remarks. However, her opponent obviously do not want to miss this opportunity to fight back, "Hilary said this is the biggest mistake made in this election season". Apologizing does not retract his "too Overgeneralization" has always been cautious of Hilary on the evening of 9 words in a fund-raising dinner in New York City gay taunts Trump supporters. Her remarks were exposed after the presence of reporters, causing controversy. Hilary was told more than 1000 guests said: "only a rough classification, you can put half of Trump supporters as I call it" a lot of people sad. ". Isn’t it? (they are) racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, fear of Muslims, so." Hilary then classified the other half of the Trump as a "poor man."". She said, "these people feel that the government and the economy failed to live up to them, no one cares about them, not for their life and future, in order to change the situation they can fling caution to the winds." A day later, Hilary issued a statement to apologize for his remarks. She said: "I am too Overgeneralization last night, this is never a good idea what. I regret to say that ‘half’ is not right." Hilary, however, did not regret that he used the word "sad". She said the word used to describe Trump’s campaign was "very reasonable."". Trump said Hilary was not back when President Hilary published "sad" remarks, Trump immediately responded on twitter, and called her in this campaign season committed by "the most serious mistake". Trump said, "Wow, Hilary, Clinton is so insulting to my supporters?! They’re good people who work hard. I believe she will pay the price at the polling station." Trump went on to say that Hilary’s remarks were "revealing their voices" that "she is full of prejudice and hatred for Americans"". Trump’s running mate, Indiana governor Mike? A campaign Burns 10 in Washington criticized Hilary, behind Trump. He said: "the truth is that all of Trump’s hard working Americans are farmers, miners, teachers, veterans, law enforcement officers and people from all walks of life. They know that we will restore america." According to Xinhua News Agency Obama has extended by gaffes caused by voter dissatisfaction with The Associated Press comments, this "gaffe" reminiscent of President Barack Hilary? Obama and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney? Due to improper remarks loss of votes. In the 2008 election, Obama described the small town residents as "dependent on guns or religion相关的主题文章: