Trump team Trump will be announced this week, a new member of the government lightscape

Trump’s team: Trump will be released this week – the list of members of the new government of Beijing, Beijing, November 15, according to foreign media reports, the Trump campaign manager Kylie Ann Conway (Kellyanne Conway) 14, located in the "Trumpt tower" campaign headquarters told reporters that in November 8th, Trump was elected president of the United States will publish a list of new a member of the government this week. She said, Trump transition team is to determine the new government officials and candidates for ministers. On Sunday, Trump was appointed chairman of the Republican National Committee rhince (Reince Priebus) on bass? The White House chief of staff, appointed conservative website Breitbart executive Steve (Steve Bannon)? Bannon as chief strategist and senior consultant. Conway said that Trump’s wife Lana Trump Mei? To participate in the discussion of members of the new government appointments. In addition, the Trump transition team ready to nominate judges to the Supreme Court, in February this year, Antonin? Justice Scalia’s death, the post has been vacant. It is reported that the United States Supreme Court justices nominated by the president, and approved by the Senate for life. Now there are eight justices and one vacancy. Four of them were nominated by the Republican Party and the other by the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. It is one of the main issues in Trump’s campaign to nominate a conservative and well respected judge.相关的主题文章: