Trump’s dissatisfaction with the Wisconsin recount plot only for money winbook

Trump’s dissatisfaction with the Wisconsin recount: conspiracy for money original title: Wisconsin recalculated Trump anger: the plot is only for money, [] who observe the network recently, the United States is brewing among Trump elected person recount in the individual states issued. With the Hilary campaign that involved, Trump and his team hit back by saying it was a "trick", just for the money". According to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported on November 26th, Hilary’s campaign team, 26, announced that it will join several key swing states to re elect the presidential election voting action. Trump was elected in the United States triggered a lot of dissatisfaction with the domestic supporters of the Hilary, especially the part of the swing state vote cast the results of the Democratic Party shocked by the results of. Recently, computer experts said there is evidence that Michigan and Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, three state ballot results were tampered with, so called democratic recount. At present, Wisconsin is preparing for a recount, and initiated the action is the Green Party candidate Gil Stein (Jill Stein). For a recount, Trump was furious, stressed the need to respect the results of the election, but should not challenge. According to Reuters, Trump even described this as the green party "trick", and stressed that even Hilary has admitted defeat. Trump believes that this is a way to Stein money, she will not put most of the money raised for a recount. It is reported that Stein has been on the Internet for Weiss in Wisconsin, recount to raise more than $5 million. In an interview with the CNN (CNN), Stein denied Trump’s "money" charges, and he emphasizes the creation of their own facts, "he said, if he lost, is a rigged election." After winning an interview with the media, Trump has said that Hilary is very cute". This time, Trump is not directed at Hilary himself, but the Democratic party. Trump in a series of social media twitter posting said, "while the Democratic morals unable to get up after a fall" also joined the recount; Democrats no longer accept defeat the promise and then deny in succession. Trump (Figure), however, the Hilary campaign team did not fully recognized the ballot was hacked argument. According to the U.S. News website "politician" (Politico) reported that the Hilary campaign lawyer Mark Elias (Marc Elias) said, have not yet found any conclusive evidence of tampering with the results of the ballot, therefore do not intend to take the initiative to lead a recount; since Wisconsin has started a recount, in which we are to ensure that all parties fair". To avoid criticism and Trump Hilary, the Trump campaign manager Kylie Ann Conway (Kellyanne Conway) said on Bloomberg, Hilary’s team "can not afford to lose, can not accept the reality; they do not adhere to the traditional concession, but a waste of large sums of money," not to respect democratic mechanism". Winter相关的主题文章: