Tuesday’s rebound in the market after the ten largest blog look ssdao

The Tuesday market retaliatory rebound ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Sina Finance News September 12th news you early in the external market of bad news, the stock index opened sharply lower, the plates and Mexico, the subject shares, heavyweights all subsequent downturn, the stock index to maintain the shock consolidation trend in the low, the lack of upward momentum, near midday stock index down again, the opening afternoon stock index continued to slump, fell more than 2.5%, fell 3000 points, near the close of a slight rebound, the decline narrowed, insurance keep 3000 points. On the surface, resources, finance, automobile and other weight plate fell collective; reform of state-owned assets in Shenzhen stocks Piaohong, tourism, beautiful China plates active, only two cities more than 200 stocks rose. Volume than the previous few days have been enlarged, the day turnover of more than 540 billion yuan. Nanshan: Tuesday market retaliatory rebound crash today the market is rather baffling, at the market jittery, state of extreme nervousness! However, the comprehensive analysis of various factors, does not rule out Tuesday will usher in a retaliatory rebound in the market. Bald sea stocks: tomorrow will be short-term bargain volume plummeted after the stock market crash of 1, 2 and 3 should be more of a mature, 3000 points will not crash, the downward adjustment should be seen as an opportunity rather than a risk! Brick: differences support the key position of several deceive the public notice that the central 3090 point 30 points along the 3058 points along the central position, no matter how these shocks are not touch that the market is really weak, nor what unexpected fall again. Min Fei: but beware of short-term or a rebound by relay market fell and no signs of bottoming out, about one step is groundless statement also breeds really; but the short-term rebound in hope. However, in the absence of relatively clear bottomed out before the signal, even if there is a rebound probability is also down relay, but also need to be wary of intraday completion. Cattle: wait for the amount of signal track if there appears the stage in the small K line, the market is expected to stabilize rebound, look at the yellow line 3035 point resistance. The short-term does not appear in the market bottomed signal, investors need to do is wait-and-see Qingcang wait. Observer: a large area of red plate although the market index may have low volatility in the requirements of tomorrow, but stocks will be a lot of red plate, make up the number of the data back to 50%-70%. At least, the possibility that the data will remain below 10% next day is almost zero. Yang Baozhong: Shanghai tail explains what the overall market downturn will be long-term, stocks differentiation trend will also be long-term, the right investment strategy can not only avoid the risk of the market, also can get a reasonable return on investment. The leading force brother: market Jingxian short-term dips in the future is likely to start having the opportunity to counter at 3020 -3050 above, and then to maintain the shock consolidation trend, that is to say the outlook of the short-term opportunities will show up, we can grasp the! Stock: wait into play through the quality of chips相关的主题文章: