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TV drama implanted advertising play a new height of   costume film sold in the current brand – media – People’s original title: through! The costume drama sold nowadays brand "Cangtou poem" hidden "Qingyun Zhi" drug brand placement "Zhi" advertising omnipresent Qingyun into "old nine door" omnipresent advertising lines was obviously going to school tomorrow, 2016 summer also will be formally huashangjuhao. Review of this summer’s domestic TV series plate, each IP play get together, "old nine door", "Zhu Xian Zhi", "nine Qingyun sky", "city of fantasy"…… Many users find that these effects play in addition to burn, the breakthrough of the "bright spots" is actually — ads! As the saying goes: "look at advertising, but also to see the effect." So, for the placement of heaven play "hard implant" representative "and" old nine door "soft implanted" masterpiece "Yun Zhi", in the end the fans could not buy it? Someone shouted in the social network: can not tolerate ah, minutes to see the play!" It was also expressed understanding: costume drama with the ads play very interesting ah!" "Better than rigid advertising spots into strong!" "The old nine door:" hard "implant" arbitrary this summer the first fire up is William Chan, Zhang Yixing and Zhao Liying starred in the "old nine door", this drama also called free ads. You know, "the old nine door" production team from the network drama "Tomb notes", then × bovine function beverage advertising once in the "Tomb notes" in the repeated, there’s even a very explicit quote: "this × but my cattle with the protection of life!" And a huge × cattle tank type ornaments is to let users Speechless: "such advertising, do not put the jar full screen?" The "old nine door", also is the implantation of functional beverages, but a change of sign. The recommended × bye to Zhang adjutant; × special drink, line like this: "drink ah, holding! This way the journey so far, you don’t drink × × add a little strength, how can we master go?" Not only that, this special drink drink × × the plot still appears repeatedly, although the beverage packaging into a retro style, but can obviously have a brand logo. Many people Tucao "old nine door 10 years ago from the" creative "swordsman" swept the country. When the "White Camel Mountain Zhuanggu powder" was read out when Guo loling vote: "White Camel Mountain Zhuanggu powder, powder of youth, friendship powder!" You have to "bird spaonin powder" hit advertising: "bird spaonin powder, wash out a generation of good head." However, with the "swordsman" fake ads, "" but really hit the old nine door advertising, but also with the plot. Halfway through the show, the ad theater will appear on time. For example, tangerine peel and Huo three Niang dialogue: "how do you have been holding a mobile phone?" "I recently invested in a cemetery. You do not have money?" "Find &time)相关的主题文章: