Twenty-second world route development conference this opening of global air travel big coffee

Twenty-second world route development conference this opening of global air travel big coffee gathering in Chengdu Shihang exhibition area, the staff is the exhibition today, 2016 of the twenty-second World Route Development Conference (hereinafter referred to as the world shipping Council) will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition center. This conference by the international well-known enterprise group, sponsored by the British CMP Exhibition hosted the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, the civil aviation industry conference is the largest and most influential annual event in the world, known as the "Olympic Games in the field of civil aviation". Yesterday, reporters in advance to explore the museum, about half of the booth has been completed. Global air travel coffee will tour the charm of Chengdu during the 4 days of the session of the General Assembly on an unprecedented scale, gathered the global civil aviation industry, the tourism industry big coffee, attract the United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Holland airlines, All Nippon Airways, Royal Emirates Airlines, Finland airlines, Delta Airlines, Poland airlines, aviation, New Zealand the Spanish national airlines, Qantas Airways, Ethiopia airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Asian aviation and China International Airlines, Hainan airlines, Sichuan airlines and other airlines in the world know on behalf of airports and travel agencies. Chengdu Daily reporter saw in a list, most of the participants came to the decision is chairman and general manager, President, chief executive for Asian aviation officer Walter Benjamin Ishmael, long company Spring Airlines President Wang Yu will come to Chengdu to attend the meeting. During the conference, will conduct a sightseeing tour of the city, exhibition, forum, world route strategy forum, the world tourism summit one-on-one and conference reception and other activities. A week: Director Mrs. peek thermography Deyang man was asked to kneel at a Sichuan girl Liu Youqi adorable photos cited hot friends Chengdu university campus Belle Cecilia Cheung hit the face small town of Sichuan at the end of the street, don’t miss the Chengdu yoga class in a university boy to a lot of Chengdu airport rapid development of a comprehensive display booth yesterday afternoon, a reporter walked into the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center Conference Exhibition area. Among them, the organizer of the Chengdu airport to the main exhibition area of about 1400 square meters, designed to Chengdu Tianfu International Airport modeling for the main structure, with the city cultural tourism, regional economic development, airport development and guest interaction and Sichuan folk culture exhibition and other content, a comprehensive display of the rapid development of Sichuan province and Chengdu city economic, social and cultural aspects. International airports from India, Spain, Brazil and other countries and regions have also participated in this exhibition. Among them, Thailand will bring Muay Thai, ethnic dance and other exciting programs. Barcelona will showcase the beauty of food, urban planning, etc.. Chengdu Fangfei dream exhibition company is the Barcelona Airport and India airport exhibition business, the company boss Zhang Hui told reporters that he has been in Chengdu exhibition industry for 8 years, "was obvious in recent years Chengdu International Exhibition more and more." In addition to international friends, Chengdu has attracted a lot of domestic friends, Beijing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chongqing and other booths have been completed layout.

第22届世界航线发展大会今开幕 全球航旅大咖聚首成都 世航会展览展示区,工作人员正在布展   今日起,2016第22届世界航线发展大会(以下简称世航会)将在成都世纪城新国际会展中心举办。本届大会由国际知名会展企业英国博闻集团主办、成都双流国际机场承办,该大会是全球最具规模和影响力的民航界年度盛会,被誉为“民航界的奥运会”。   昨日,记者提前探馆,约半数的展台已搭建完成。   全球航旅大咖   将游览魅力成都   为期4天的本届大会规模空前,聚集全球民航界、旅游界的“大咖”,吸引了来自包括美国联合航空、美国西南航空、荷兰皇家航空、全日空、阿联酋航空、芬兰航空、达美航空、新西兰航空、波兰航空、西班牙国家航空、澳洲航空、埃塞俄比亚航空、阿提哈德航空、卡塔尔航空、亚洲航空、南非航空及中国国际航空、海南航空、四川航空等全球各知名航空公司、机场和旅游机构的代表。   成都商报记者在一份名单中看到,前来参会的大多数是董事长、总经理、总裁等决策者,比如亚洲航空长途公司首席执行官本雅明・伊斯梅尔、春秋航空总裁王煜都将来到成都赴会。   大会期间,将开展城市观光游、展览展示、世界航线战略高峰论坛、世界旅游高峰论坛、一对一会谈和大会欢迎酒会等系列活动。   一周热图:   偷看厂长夫人洗澡 德阳男子被要求下跪赔钱   四川萌妹子柳侑绮美照 引网友热议   成都高校校花 撞脸张柏芝   四川小县城最后的老街 不要再错过了   成都某高校瑜伽课 男生来了好多   成都机场展台   全面展示飞速发展   昨日下午,记者走进了位于成都世纪城新国际会展中心的大会展览展示区。其中,承办方成都机场主展台面积约1400平方米,设计以成都天府国际机场造型为主体结构,配以城市文化旅游、地区经济发展、机场发展和嘉宾互动体验、四川民俗文化展示等内容,全面展示四川省及成都市经济、社会、文化等方面的飞速发展。   来自印度、西班牙、巴西等国家和地区的国际机场也参与了本次展示。其中,泰国将带来泰拳、民族舞蹈等精彩节目。巴塞罗那则将展示美食美景、城市规划等。   成都梦想芳菲展览展示公司是巴塞罗那机场和印度机场的布展商,公司老板张辉告诉记者,他已经在成都展览行业从业8年,“明显感到,这几年成都的国际展会越来越多。”   除了国际友人,成都还吸引了众多国内朋友,北京、西安、武汉、重庆等展台已经完成布置。相关的主题文章: