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Two common models maintenance burden index association released Benz CLS two Association released the first highest burden of common models of maintenance burden index is the highest lowest 9 times on 31 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Tan Moxiao) 31 days China Insurance Industry Association and China Automobile Maintenance Industry Association released the first 100 common models of maintenance burden index, all types of vehicle maintenance the cost is different, the highest is 9 times the lowest. The maintenance burden index is calculated in the automobile manufacturers recommended maintenance period (from the date of the new use of 3 years or 60000 km mileage per hundred kilometers), owners are required to pay maintenance fees and labor hours replacement costs, maintenance costs reflect the owners burden. The sales price of maintenance burden index sample model is between 43900 yuan and 956000 yuan, which is divided into 8 price ranges, covering the high, medium and low levels of consumer groups. From the published results, vehicle maintenance burden is the highest index of Mercedes Benz CLS, 42.37, the maintenance cost is 42.37 yuan per hundred kilometers, Mercedes Benz S class, Beijing Benz C, Beijing Benz E, Beijing Benz GLK level in two to five, 40.85, 37.81, 34.43. 33.55; maintenance burden index of the 5 models are the lowest Guangzhou TOYOTA Yaris, the Great Wall Tang Wing C30, Guangzhou TOYOTA Ralink, the Great Wall hover H6, Dongfeng Fengshen S30, 4.69, 5.24, 5.66, 5.74, 5.95. China Insurance Industry Association official said that the working group in the process of research on the identity of the owner maintenance service experience, found that there are still part of the 4S shop did not take the initiative to the parts of consumers with publicity cycle maintenance price and time cost, or the related charges posted on the obvious position. Consumers should carefully read the car manufacturer’s description of the vehicle quality warranty, as well as the maintenance cycle of different parts of the warranty mileage or time agreement, avoid 4S shop misleading propaganda, excessive maintenance. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

两协会发布常见车型养护负担指数 奔驰CLS级负担最高   两协会首次发布常见车型养护负担指数 最高是最低的9倍   新华社北京10月31日电(记者谭谟晓)中国保险行业协会与中国汽车维修行业协会31日首次发布100款常见车型养护负担指数,各车型间养护成本差异较大,最高是最低的9倍。   养护负担指数,就是计算在汽车厂家建议保养周期内(自新车使用之日起3年或行驶里程60000公里),车主每百公里养护所需支付的人工工时费和更换配件的费用,反映车主养护费用负担的高低。   养护负担指数样本车型的销售价格在43900元至956000元之间,细分为8个价格区间,基本覆盖高、中、低多层次消费群体。   从公布的结果看,养护负担指数最高的车型是梅赛德斯奔驰CLS级,为42.37,即每百公里的养护费用为42.37元,梅赛德斯奔驰S级、北京奔驰C级、北京奔驰E级、北京奔驰GLK级分列二至五位,为40.85、37.81、34.43、33.55;养护负担指数最低的5个车型分别是广汽丰田雅力士、长城腾翼C30、广汽丰田雷凌、长城哈弗H6、东风风神S30,为4.69、5.24、5.66、5.74、5.95。   中国保险行业协会相关负责人表示,工作组在调研过程中以车主身份体验保养服务时,发现仍有部分4S店未主动向消费者详细公示周期养护的零配件价格及工时费,或未将相关收费标准张贴于明显位置。消费者应仔细阅读汽车厂家对车辆整车质量保修的说明,以及保养周期内对不同零部件的保修里程或时间的约定,避免因4S店误导宣传过度维修。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: