Underestimate the value of assets or shortage of funds for Naban placards super bass

Underestimate the value of assets or shortage of funds placards sorts sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my / our reporter Zhang Yi since August this year, A shares market Jupai enthusiasm, national day still continued, causing great imagination. Analysts pointed out that the asset shortage is reflected placards, means that part of the stock valuation has bottomed out, but from the previous bear market analogy, some stocks fell still does not mean that the market bottomed out. The placards are often big money, although not cause prices rose, but the market may be relatively strong persistence. There may be more stocks are eyeing the funds, thus detonated wealth effect, these stocks are mainly high-quality and valuation of the bottom of the white horse stocks. The birth of the national day hot asset shortage placards, A shares market funds back gradually, the stock index rose more than 50 points. But in recent years, the capital market slowdown, A shares yesterday, a narrow market, the stock index edged up 2.85 points to stand at 3060 points. From the hot market, debt related concepts A new force suddenly rises. enthusiastic, PPP, but more plate is only a weak upward, showing weak trend. Overall, however, the pre holiday effect caused by the downturn, is gradually slow net inflow of funds and gradually activated. Among them, in addition to continuing warm PPP related stocks, placards concept is to rekindle the enthusiasm. Yesterday, Wind card index rose 0.32%, although the increase is not the highest, but the index hit a record high since the year. In fact, since August, Vanke A placards caused capital frenzy, stocks are becoming more attention object capital placards. Statistics show that in September alone, more than 10 companies were placards, National Day just passed, Kuo Hua life fourth times placards this Wednesday Tianchen company, the Bank of Beijing is the new Hualian placards. It is before the dramatic increase in the stock of placards, caused the market for a new batch of objects being attacked great imagination. Placards phenomenon is that the market is improving? Societe Generale Securities chief strategist Wang Delun said that frequent placards shows that part of the stock has entered the range of investment value, but the market is not so. For example, from 2001 to 2005, fell to 1300 points near the Yunnan Baiyao as the representative of good stocks are not moving, then fell to 998 points during this part of the stock has dropped significantly, but the overall market is still down more than 30%, and not with placards and corresponding market bottom. Shenwan Hong securities Qian Qimin also said that the market is difficult to generalize, after these placards funds stock may be small, elastic inactive chips; the majority of small and medium investors and pay close attention to the active and flexible stock, may not be cheap, so the market can not be generalized. Nanjing Securities Research Institute Zhou Xu said that the signal is not strong sense of meaning. At present, the overall market volume is still relatively low, and did not show a significant increase in the new capital market auspicious. There is no change in the pattern of market operation, because of the real estate regulation policy相关的主题文章: