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Vice chairman of the Commission: to ensure that the opening of the year – Shenzhen Tong Sohu news August 25th, surging news () from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) learned that the day before, in order to promote Hong Kong through all the preparatory work, China Commission of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through special working group vice chairman of group Xinghai in Shenzhen hosted a forum on the work of Shenzhen Tong to listen to the work, Shenzhen exchange, China settlement and part of the securities company to report progress and suggestions, and work related to the deployment, to ensure that during the opening of the Shenzhen tong. Prior to August 16th, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council executive meeting made it clear that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the relevant preparatory work has been basically completed, the State Council has approved the "Shenzhen Tong plan"." The same evening, China chairman of the SFC chairman Liu Shiyu and the Hongkong securities and Futures Commission Tang Jiacheng in Beijing signed the "Joint Declaration" Shenzhen Tong, the principle of approval by the Shenzhen stock exchange, the The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited, Chinese Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited, the Hongkong Central Clearing Company Limited established in Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock market trading interconnection mechanism, which marks the Shenzhen Tong the implementation of the preparatory work was officially launched. The evening of August 16th, the Shenzhen stock exchange relevant responsible person also said that the Shenzhen internal technology system development and the related simulation test has been completed, the main rules drafted. At present, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has completed four main rules, to be in the near future to the market for public comment, the two exchanges and mutual Clearing Corp technology system development and simulation testing has been completed, the work in an orderly way. The day before, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and settlement Chinese jointly issued to start work notice, request the relevant institutions to participate in the market, started the preparatory work, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through preparations to enter the stage of practical operation. According to media reports, the work notice requirements of each business unit to complete technology development preparatory work before the end of September 2016; the completion of the preparatory work in early November. A listing broker based in Shenzhen told the surging news (), the interior has been established through deep working group, technical preparatory work basically completed, also has been tested, the detailed rules issued, will further improve the preparatory work. However, according to surging news to understand that there are still some brokers have not yet received the relevant notification, the establishment of a working group through the deep work is also underway. Fang Xinghai at the forum stressed that Hong Kong is the Party Central Committee and the State Council and a major deployment of capital market reform and opening up, marking the Chinese capital market in the internationalization and the direction of the market and has taken a solid step, is conducive to strengthening cooperation between the mainland and Hongkong in a wider range, higher level and extent. To enhance international competitiveness of economic capacity and service entity of China’s capital market, the Commission Party attaches great importance to this work. Parties to participate in the forum said that under the unified arrangements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, carefully organized and closely cooperate to ensure the completion of the scheduled start to ensure smooth start, safe operation. The so-called "or" Shanghai and Shenzhen Tong, refers to the Shanghai stock exchange or the Shenzhen stock exchange and Hongkong stock exchange to allow investors to trade both within the provisions of.相关的主题文章: