Violent land acquisition villagers killed due to improper

Violent land acquisition villagers killed due to improper operation? For network transmission Shandong Heze villagers due to prevent land acquisition by forklift crushed ", Shandong province Heze City Mudan District Propaganda Department staff said yesterday that the police have been involved in investigating the matter, forklift driver has been controlled by the police. The local official WeChat public number peony release issued a document that in August 21st, National Flower Avenue auxiliary construction site Road, due to improper operation of machinery accidents occurred, resulting in one death. The villagers do not agree compensation scheme, has not yet signed the compensation agreement, the relevant arrangements forklift into the ground construction, it is illegal to. The villagers to stop the construction, forklift driver crushed the villagers, the official response was: "mechanical improper operation accidents". Forklift to construction has not been signed an agreement on the land, which is "improper"? If no one behind the behest, an ordinary forklift driver dare "improper"? The so-called improper operation of the qualitative, it is simply the public intelligence. In view of the local land make a bad life and "improper" frivolous qualitative, not only to the police involved in the investigation, the superior discipline inspection departments to initiate an investigation procedure, the problem inside out. In addition to the driver of the car, the other responsible person accountability accountability, the compensation for damages, the legal liability should not be vague. The Ministry of land and the central government has repeatedly made clear the need to standardize the land acquisition procedures, and generally improve the land acquisition compensation standards, requiring the approval of the compensation from the implementation of land acquisition departments directly to farmers. To do the work of land requisition compensation, except for the requirements of the relevant departments to do, but also improve the supervision mechanism of accountability, clear the legal consequences of illegal land expropriation, discipline and punishment rules, avoid some place some orders and prohibitions. Fundamentally speaking, land acquisition management should do a good job of two. First, strictly abide by the land acquisition procedures, hold 1 billion 800 million acres of arable land red line; the two is to effectively protect the interests of farmers, reasonable and legitimate compensation for landless farmers. First land acquisition procedures. From the legal point of view, the government expropriated farmers contracted land, not only to change the land use, but also to change the farmland contract. On the one hand, to ensure the legitimate land use change, strictly follow the first compensation land expropriation procedure ", on the other hand, the land is related to the vital interests of farmers, the compensation standard for land requisition and resettlement program should first seek the views of farmers, compensation for land acquisition and land expropriated farmers in advance of life to make thoughtful institutional arrangements. Land requisition compensation problem. The government should try to reduce the middle part of the payment of land compensation, the compensation directly to the farmers in the hands of the need to mobilize the public and the media to participate in supervision. The land expropriation policy and all the farmers expropriated land area, compensation standards, resettlement program comprehensive publicity, accept the supervision of the masses whenever and wherever possible. The relevant departments should improve the system of executive power, increase the cost of illegal grassroots, hand to be diligent to first investigate violations of counties, towns, villages, on the other hand to conscientiously accept the report, who and who will punish violations, resolutely put an end to the violence of land expropriation.相关的主题文章: