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Wang Jianlin admit Wang Sicong was brainwashed son: he’s very reliable praise [Abstract] "Lu Yu about" big coffee a day due to the recent program of the "goal" off the national "target" boom. Yesterday, the official program micro-blog burst a group of richest man Wang Jianlin in the interview to talk about the picture of his son, Wang Sicong. Wang Jianlin said Wang Sicong reliable Tencent entertainment news from the TV channel, Southeast TV combined energy spread together to create a reality show style chat show "Lu Yu about" big coffee a day due to the recent program of the "goal" off the national "target" boom. Yesterday, the official micro-blog program and broke the "richest man" Wang Jianlin group about his son Wang Sicong in the interview in the picture, the picture of Wang Jianlin "," mutual brainwashing "should be reliable" words let netizens again caused heated debate, more netizens joked: "this is the birth of a new round of golden words"? Wang Jianlin also mentioned essential thought of Wang Sicong, and his son’s character has many similarities, bold words son, father Wang Sicong has sharp straight talk from an honest man, it seems there is a. Before there were reports that Wang Jianlin son of Wang Sicong: "he can’t take a hint to speak, I allowed him to fail two times, third times fail again, back to work things wanda". For Wang Sicong the bold words have helpless but also significantly Chongni said: "I can’t do anything to him". In fact, it is not difficult to find, keep a weekly list of the "national husband" Wang Sicong is not complacent, started last year’s "banana", seize the network red, broadcast, three gaming outlet, and some time ago the "Hello goddess" is caused uproar a live session. Wang Jianlin will face about with his son Wang Sicong on the show, in respect of father and son communication is often son of "brainwashing", it is the first time in front of the camera to praise the son: "he is very reliable"! As Wang Jianlin’s only son, whether Wang Sicong will take over as Wanda Group has always been a mystery to everyone. It is understood that in the film Wang Jianlin clearly said: "the succession problem, can be handed over to the occupation managers, the son can not, the most important thing is that he is not busy working life and his interest, his interest is to play a decisive role. It is reported that "Lu Yu about big coffee day" Wang Jianlin will be set in this Friday evening in late September 2nd 21:10 in Southeast TV broadcast. Wang Jianlin talk about the richest man: first set a small goal can be achieved, such as earning it one hundred million相关的主题文章: