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Want to attack Notre Dame de Paris? France arrested 3 women involved in terrorist suspects – Sohu news Notre Dame de Paris. (CFP) according to Xinhua news agency, the French government said on September 8th, police arrested the same day 3 women involved in terrorist suspects, of which the youngest is only 19 years old. According to police, the suspects may be trying to ignite a car, the famous scenic spot in France to launch attacks on Notre Dame de Paris. The impending terrorist attack "French Interior Minister Bernard? Kazenafu said 8, 3 suspects were arrested on the day of the all female, aged 39 years, 23 years and 19 years of age. They were accused of a suspicious car found in the vicinity of Notre Dame de Paris last week. The morning of 4 August, the French police found a car without a license plate of the Peugeot 607 car in the vicinity of the Notre Dame de Paris, containing 7 gas tank. Among them, 6 gas tank full of gas, the other one is empty. Since the incident area is strictly prohibited parking, the car caused the police attention. According to sources, although the police did not find a detonator in the raid, but the car also has 3 oil drums filled with diesel fuel. In addition, there are some Arabic documents in the car. Police worry that the suspect may plan to ignite the car, launch attacks. According to the statement, the police in the race against time, in front of the suspect in action to combat terrorist plot foiled. Police said the 3 suspects were arrested in a small town about 30 km southeast of Paris. In the process of arrest, the 19 year old woman with a knife stabbing suspect suddenly stabbed the police, a police officer shoulder. Police shot and wounded the suspect, she is the daughter of a suspicious vehicle owners. 7 suspects have been arrested since the start of the Notre Dame de Paris terror plot investigation. Media reporters at the scene saw the police cordoned off part of the area and the implementation of a building search, a handcuffed suspect to follow. Explosion experts and investigators are also on the scene. "Hitherto unknown threat" said Caze Nave, 3 female suspects arrested by Extremism to confuse, violent attacks. He also said that France is currently facing an unprecedented threat of terrorism. According to him, the threat is being transformed into different forms, more difficult to detect than ever. He called on France to remain vigilant. French President Francois on the 8 day? He mentioned in his speech, the French police recently foiled a terrorist plot. However, he did not give more information. Turning to the terrorist attacks against Notre Dame de Paris conspiracy, police sources on the suspect’s intention was somewhat puzzled. A source said: "if this is a plot to attack, then the modus operandi is very strange." In May this year, France is responsible for counter-terrorism intelligence "domestic security administration" for Patrick? Kalvar warned that terrorism related personnel may use a "new way" to launch attacks in France, including places such as car bomb explosions in crowded. Since January 2015, France suffered 3 serious terrorist attacks, the government raised the national security alert level. French security department in particular from the Syria reflux.相关的主题文章: