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UnCategorized Nature governed by Universal Laws and so operates in a very orderly manner. In your society you are also governed by laws and if you fall foul of those laws you suffer the consequences. There are a multitude of different laws and some of them can very complex. So lawyers specialise in different types of law. In other words they become experts in a specific area of the law. Now while you’re probably aware of the general laws that govern your society you’re unlikely to know the laws inside and out. So you’ll at some point in your life you’ll probably hire an expert lawyer to represent you in a certain situation. However, what many people fail to realise is that we are too are a part of nature and so the Universal Laws which apply to nature also apple to us. Yet, the majority of people stumble through life haphazardly hitting their goal targets because they do take the time to understand let alone master the Universal Laws. The trouble is when it comes to your life you can’t delegate. Only you can live your life and if you don’t learn, understand and work in accordance to the Universal Laws you will suffer the consequences. You’ll experience random success and you’re likely to feel extremely frustrated because things just don’t seem to go your way. Many have described life a game. However, you can’t win any game if you don’t know the rules of the game. So to win the game of life you have to understand its rules and then apply them. It’s that simple. "Life is a game. Play it." Mother Teresa The movie "The Secret" did an excellent job increasing people’s awareness of the Law of Attraction and how it works. However, many people have become frustrated with their attempts to manifest what they desire. One reason why people fail to manifest their goals when applying the Law of Attraction is because it is just one of the laws that you must abide by if you want to live your ideal life. "Most people don’t ever go beyond where they’re at because they just don’t understand the rules or the laws that govern their success." Bob Proctor Others seem to achieve success by default. It seems that whatever they decide to do they achieve success and yet if asked how they managed to be so successful they often struggle to explain their level of success. Bob Proctor describes this phenomenon as follows: "A small percentage of people live in harmony with the laws most of the time but there’s only a small percentage of that percentage of that particular group that really understands what’s happening. Most people who are really successful cannot truly articulate on why they are." Still, if an astute person who understood the Laws of the Universe examined how they achieved their goals they too would be able to see how these individuals were working with the Laws albeit unconsciously. They would notice for instance, how these people worked in harmony with the Laws. For example, they provide enormous value wherever they go and whatever they and consequently are rewarded by the Law of Compensation. They focus their attention on the things they desire and so are able to significantly to expand these areas – Law of Increase. They interpret the trends that exist around them whether or not the general public think of these things as positive or negative and instead of trying to fight whatever is happening they simply learn how to adapt to whatever is going on and go with the flow – the Law of Non-Resistance. Unfortunately, you’re born with no awareness of the Universal Laws. This awareness usually comes later in life. By this time your programming is such that you have been effectively programmed to violate the laws. So to succeed and win the game of life you need to understand the rules of the game of life and then reprogram your mind so that you play those rules. Then you can become a master of achieving life success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: