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Wei Planning Commission: from 2020 pharmacies can only sell antibiotics on the streets of Fujian, Fuzhou, the cautious use of antibiotics public service ads. The visual map Chinese Beijing News (reporter Dai Xuan) yesterday, the State Planning Commission and other departments jointly lead to "curb bacterial resistance national action plan (2016-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), clearly in 2020, the National more than two hospitals to establish the basic mechanism of antimicrobial drug clinical application management, retail pharmacy prescription drug sales the ratio of basic to achieve full coverage. Animal bacterial resistance or infection to human antibacterial drugs generally refers to the bactericidal or bacteriostatic activity of the drug, some antibiotics that are antibacterial drugs, widely used in medical and health, agricultural farming areas. However, due to various factors, the problem of bacterial resistance has become increasingly prominent. The State Planning Commission deputy director of medical affairs authority Guo Yanhong introduction, the unreasonable use of antibacterial drugs, easily lead to bacterial resistance to antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs will be decreased or even failure. If the antibacterial drug abuse is not curbed, will even have "no cure". In addition, bacterial resistance, not only will affect the recovery and health of patients, but also will make the treatment of patients with infectious diseases longer, more complex, the higher the burden of medical expenses. The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, deputy director Xiao Yonghong introduction, antibacterial drugs not only in humans, many animal will be used, so the situation of bacterial resistance of an animal, by eating, contact could be transmitted to people. The prescription of antibiotics or the allocation of the difference will be proposed, by 2020, the proportion of retail pharmacies with prescription sales of antimicrobial drugs basically reach full coverage. In addition, the national two or more hospitals to establish the basic clinical application of antimicrobial drugs management mechanism, the main growth rate of drug-resistant bacteria in medical institutions have been effectively controlled. The state health planning authority Medical Administration medical and nursing department director Li Dachuan introduction, at present our country medical institutions in the reality of the plight of certain antibiotics still exist on the rational use of. For example, blood, urinary, nerve and other departments are likely to encounter the need for antibiotic therapy in patients, and the rational use of antimicrobial drugs by the physicians is not enough, need doctors, pharmacists and other infections to participate in the consultation, and the current infection division, clinical pharmacists team is relatively weak. "Plan" is defined, standardized management of clinical application of antibacterial drugs, to encourage the establishment of cooperation mechanism in multi disciplines, from clinical departments, infectious diseases, clinical microbiology and other multi-disciplinary work team, enhance the level of professional management. In addition, Li Dachuan also revealed that the future will be the implementation of negative list management, clear different varieties of antibiotics, and classified by different levels of medical personnel to use. According to the different testing and testing ability of the medical institutions, the scope of the use of antimicrobial drugs will be different. Tips – antibacterial medicine cure? The main treatment of bacterial infection Li Dachuan introduction, in recent years, the public in the understanding of antibacterial drugs has made some progress, but there are still many errors in the use of. For example, many residents believe that antibiotics can cure, inflammation can feel.相关的主题文章: