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West side or edge scattered? S6 the world’s first tiger Smeb championship has ended in tears of sadness, S6 world finals only last BO5 winning the war, won the world championship winner will take Summoner trophy. But before the fist first qualifying Smeb remains as a spectator. Tiger Smeb sad tears after the game, the player ROX ADC Pray released a video on Facebook, the video in Kuro Smeb on the pain body. Big brother Kuro patted Smeb’s head to comfort. West side or edge scattered? From the video we can find ROX people are dining in the Korean restaurant, in the context of the rendering of the music Kuro looks like the state of mind is not bad. Why Smeb will suddenly burst into tears? Before considering carefully, we basically can eliminate the Smeb tears because of being eliminated, because the time has passed for a day, and the other player’s mood does not seem to be so deep and Smeb. You think before ESPN’s message, ROX will disband after the end of S6. Although the club released the rumor notice, but the ROX team’s contract is already reveal to the public. The Smeb is not likely to cry because the champion dream again broken in the hands of SKT, but the members of the tears trickling down cheeks fall apart. If the ROX will have the assumption that players leave, then it is likely to be one of the Smeb or Kuro to leave, where Kuro announced that it was about to leave the ROX, then Smeb more likely to be sad tears. About Tiger King Smeb before the war in S6, fist announced the world’s top 20 professional players. Faker ranked second, while the first official ROX tiger king on single Smeb. In last year’s S5 world finals, Smeb lost to SKT in the final, but he was impressed by his first move. This year, ROX raised the LCK trophy and took their revenge. Even if they fall back at the foot of the SKT again this year, but the BO5 and Smeb smile is still fresh in our memory. Finally, Smeb fell on the auxiliary Gorilla body asleep. I hope the tiger king can remember his smile, with our hope, to return to the world stage. (15W)相关的主题文章: