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SEO Thinking about hiring a PPC agency, but aren’t sure why you should bother? After all, you’ve set up your website to be search engine friendly and you’re counting on organic SEO to bring you traffic. What can a PPC agency do for you that SEO can’t do? The answer is – a lot. SEO is a powerful tool, but it’s only one part of an effective marketing approach that will bring potential customers and clients to your website. When you combine a PPC campaign with good SEO and effective copy on your website, you’ll see major increases to your web site traffic and your client base. Here’s why business professionals should be working with a PPC agency to help build business for their practice. What SEO Can – and Can’t – Do SEO – search engine optimization – refers to practices that make your website more attractive to search engines. By enabling search engine bots – automated programs that visit websites and report what they find back to a central database – to navigate and index your website easily, you ensure that your website is one of those listed when someone searches for businesses that offer the services you do. SEO is indirect advertising – it doesn’t actively put your website address in front of potential customers. It makes sure that your website information is easily available to search engines so that they serve up your website in their search engine listings. Doing that effectively is an art and a science. When you work with a company that understands what search engines look for and how to set up your website and content so they can find it, you can eventually end up near or at the top of the search engine rankings when people look for businesses like yours. But organic SEO can only go so far. A PPC agency may help with your SEO – and some comprehensive web marketing firms include both SEO and PPC management departments – but they focus more on direct advertising to bring people to your website. The Difference Between SEO and a PPC Agency PPC stands for pay per click, a description of how you pay for your advertisements when you run a PPC campaign. In the PPC model, search engines put your ads on websites or on search engine pages based on keywords that you select. If you’re a dentist in San Diego, for example, you may choose the keywords "dentist San Diego". When someone types "dentist San Diego" into a search engine, your ad will be listed in an advertising section on the search engine results page. You only pay for that ad if the user actually clicks on the ad. While both SEO and PPC campaigns involve keywords and sensitivity to context, you can see that they have different roles in your marketing campaign. Why Use a PPC Agency? Organic SEO can take a while to ramp up to speed and produce real results. PPC ads provide a jump start to your marketing by directing people to your website – which in turn helps increase your search engine ranking. A PPC agency employs experts who are skilled at writing PPC ads that draw clicks to your website. The best PPC agencies will also offer suggestions on your landing pages to help them convert those clicks to new clients. If you’ve invested heavily in optimizing your website, don’t stop there. Work with a PPC agency to make sure your business website gets off to a good start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: