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What are the 1000 days of deep restructuring that will benefit you? Sohu news December 30, 2013, the Central Political Bureau decided to set up a leading group to comprehensively deepen reform. To yesterday (September 24th), has been full of 1000 days. At present, the deep reorganization has held 27 meetings, considered the 162 documents. After the first year of reform and the development of a critical year, many of the major reform issues have landed, is profoundly affecting the lives of every Chinese people. Today, a look at the deep reorganization of these 1000 days, the introduction of what you and I are closely related to the measures. The education reform "on deepening the reform of admissions exam system implementation opinions" review time: August 18, 2014 fourth meeting points: to form a classification test, evaluation, pluralistic admission examination and enrollment patterns. On the basis of fully demonstrate the top-level design, the pilot first, step by step, orderly. The eleventh meeting of the rural teacher support program (2020 – 2015): the key points for every rural child to receive a fair and quality education in the city of. Preventing intergenerational transmission of poverty. The construction of rural teachers team in the strategic position of priority development. The "comprehensive compulsory education in poverty-stricken areas to improve the basic conditions for running schools weak work special supervision measures" in August 18, 2015 fifteenth meeting points: to implement the main responsibility of the government. Focus on the supervision of funding protection, quality management, progress, social supervision, etc.. "Promote the overall development of the world first-class university and the first-class discipline construction overall plan" in August 18, 2015 fifteenth meeting points: to guide and support the optimization of discipline structure of higher education, the development of science concise, prominent discipline construction of key universities, primary endogenous power and vitality through institutional reform. "A number of opinions" on the overall development of urban and rural compulsory education reform and the integration of the twenty-fourth meeting on May 20, 2016 in point: rational planning of urban and rural compulsory education school layout construction, improve the urban and rural compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism, urban and rural education resource allocation, improve the quality of rural education, the stability of rural students, security Suiqian children’s schooling, strengthen left-behind children care protection and other aspects of the introduction of pragmatic and effective measures. To increase the rural compulsory education, especially in underdeveloped areas to support efforts to have the opportunity to receive a fair, the children in poor areas of compulsory education quality. Health care reform "on the city public hospital comprehensive reform pilot guidance" review: April 1, 2015 eleventh meeting points: adhere to the basic orientation of the public hospital implement government run health responsibility to promote co-ordination of medical reform of public hospitals to get rid of the profit mechanism "on the integration of urban and rural residents basic.相关的主题文章: