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What is the effect of adding damping to the washing machine? Comparable to the ultra – silent hand – Sohu science and technology with the pace of people’s lives and work to speed up the pace, as well as the pursuit of health. Many people have begun to pay more attention to the health status of the washing machine, plus the authorities continue to burst inside health washing machine, personal clothing should be washed with the washing machine so that now many people headaches. The utility model relates to a washing machine inner barrel for several years. Good gay friend using a drum type washing machine inside 4 years, take out a lot of dirt, with smelly fish taste, certainly not with such personal clothing washing machine. According to this situation, many washing machine manufacturers, the introduction of a double drum washing machine, up and down separation, left and right, etc.. However, the price of more than ten thousand yuan or so many people still flinch, the home has a large washing machine users how to do? I believe we must have the answer, the most simple and effective way is to select a small footprint in the small washing machine. The utility model can not only solve the health problems of the personal clothes, but also is convenient for daily change and wash. I have always had a plan to buy a small washing machine, just to catch up with the trial, but also very happy. First of all, to understand the product. This machine for Gilardino washing machine is the latest generation of products, through the meter mall starting. On the basis of previous products to increase the intelligent control, and integrated display, more intuitive and clear. Ultra small size, making it easier to place. It is worth mentioning that the plastic box, even in the wet bathroom, do not need to worry about the risk of rust. The washing capacity of 2.8 kilograms is enough to meet a bear a child or adult clothes, wash underwear. After the measurement, easy washing can cover 2 meters *2.2 meters 1.5 meters with a bed. This machine is 3 kg drum washing machine (only in the current market conditions) using the frequency of direct drive motor, direct drive motor without the belt drive, the relative on motor noise will be lower, more quiet dehydration. The arrival of out of the box to open the package, take out the subject, clear, simple and generous, but the 34kg still need to remove energy. The foam at the bottom of the machine is equipped with a support seat, with a fixed screw to prevent damage to transport, (to adapt to Chinese logistics) must be a point of praise, and now many large washing machines do not have this design. The machine adopts instant position to add detergent rainbow Straw design, can quickly dissolve the detergent, enhance the washing effect, but is not equipped with a softener tank add a little regret. Machine door with a handle at 2 o’clock, and instantaneous direct pull door lock, use the way to meet the safety requirements, press the pause can be opened immediately, without waiting. Inside the drum the texture design of similar plum, clothing increased contact area, dehydration can reduce wrinkles, stretching, punching a small washing machine, but if you could just fine. The smaller the water removal, dehydration clothing fibers was jammed in part of the less clothing damage is lower. The steel plate joint of the inner barrel adopts the traditional test相关的主题文章: