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Home-Improvement There are many types of glassware that is available to today’s consumers. These items tend to be easily broken. It may be the result of being dropped, an improper dishwasher accident or sometimes a defect in the material that might be exacerbated by temperature variations. Replacing glasses that have fallen prey to normal breakage is a good idea for gift giving. In its broadest sense, the term may be used for any object made of glass, but is most commonly understood to be the part of a table setting made of the material and used for drinking. Drinking glasses are generally categorized by their shape and size. The three major types are tumblers, footed and stem glasses. Tumblers are the typical containers for getting water. They have a flat base and a continuous side all the way to the base. Tumblers are further sorted into the type of beverage that would be most commonly found in a particular example. You might own iced tea holders, juice tumblers or beer containers. Beer tumblers are also sorted by the size, such as a pint size or a pony size container. Footed ware is another type that is not as readily standardized. These examples will have a bowl that goes all the way to the base. The bottom has feet that extend below the base and may or may not have a gap between the surface of the table and the bottom of the container. Stemware feature a flat base, usually disk shaped surmounted by a narrow stem or neck, with the bowl atop the stem. Some of the typical stemware pieces are a brandy snifter, cocktail holder, sherbet or ice cream bowl or one for consuming wine. The brandy snifter has a short stem, and wide bowl that is somewhat narrower at the top that an the base of the bowl. A cocktail container has a very wide bowl atop the stem. Glasses are not known for their strength, but most are admired for their beauty. Some homes have special racks where stemware can be displayed. They are beautiful when holding drinks of various kinds. If you want imaginative place settings, try mixing and matching glasses types to do something out of the ordinary. You could use a wine style container to hold sherbet, for example. Glassware is a common wedding gift. A bride-to-be is able to use a bridal registry to pick favorite patterns and identify needs. Glasses offered as a small memento associated with a housewarming helps a new neighbor feel welcome. If you’ve lost touch with another neighbor, bring a set of juice glasses and a pitcher of juice and get together again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: