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When Qiubi met blue fat! Kato Emiri on the "Duo A dream" in the increasingly competitive industry to get a sound, representative character is not easy. When it comes to Kato Emiri, many people may think of her performance in the "customers" for Qiubi voice? The official recently announced that she will be in this year "A dream birthday special" which appeared in the role, so Kato also accepted the media interview. Q: Congratulations, miss Kato starred in "A dream" birthday special. A: Thank you! Q: what was it like to miss Kato when she decided to play? A: when the brokerage company told me that "you have to play the" Duo A dream "!" I can’t believe it, so I’m more confused than happy. I am such a person, how he starred in "Duo A dream". (laughs)? And the amount of the line is also thicker than the average work oh! "A dream" special birthday is an annual project, as this year’s leading actress, I still feel very surprised. So that kind of joy, but also slowly emerge. Q: miss Kato starred in "Duo A dream" message also caused a lot of hot, so people around you are what reaction? Kato: my fans sent a lot of "good ah! Star in it!" The blessings of the number beyond my imagination. After all, it’s a national animation, so it’s not just my taste. When the Obon Festival this year, I saw the family, they say: "do you want to play" Duo A dream "!" Everybody is happy for me. And this, many netizens commented: "this is the impact of this encounter kewpie fat blue!" "Before I remember, there was a man?" "If the new character is a magical girl, she’s happy." So what about Kato Emiri? Tencent animation will continue to focus on.相关的主题文章: