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Business It is a fact that today every one is so busy with work that family is given a secondary preference. And for that reason, why not treat your beloved family for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful land of Togo? This lovely country is located in West Africa and home to the capital city Lom and has a population of more than 6 million people. French is the official language that is spoken in this country even though there are many other languages spoken as well. This is a country that will offer some of the best sights you have ever seen. Nightlife in Togo is exceptionally brilliant. There are numerous nightclubs, particularly in Lom of which most are open until the early hours for dancing to a mixture of West African and Western popular music. Some of these local nightclubs and restaurants .prise of the Chris & Jimmy’s Diner, the Chinatown 3, the Aladdin’s Eatery, the Aalay’s Shrimp & Fish, the Fanny’s Restaurant, the Hornblower’s Restaurant, the Mughal Indian Restaurant, the China Garden and the 1890 Restaurant & Lounge. Most restaurants catering for visitors tend to be French-orientated although some do serve African dishes. Have a taste of some mouth watering delicacies like Ptes or akume, Fufu and Riz sauce arachide. The Stratta Grill & Caf bar, the Big Basin Bistro barand and the Cafe Marcella bar offer a good selection of alcoholic drinks like Palm wine and Tchakpallo wines. Likewise, check into some of the beautiful hotels for a relaxing wel.e. Some of these hotels include the Staybridge Suites, the Village Motel, the Cleveland Airport Marriott, and the Budget Inn, the Holiday Inn in Cleveland Airport, the North Point Inn, the Extended Stayamerica and the Hampton Inn hotels. Afterwards, you can book a tour guide to some breathe taking Togo attractions like Mt Agou, the Tamberma, the Grand Marche, the Klouto, the La Plage, the Bafilo, the Marche de Be and the Kpime Falls. Did you know that Togo’s capital, Lom, is the only capital in the world situated right next to a border? Well, you can wander round the market with its intriguing voodoo charms, lotions and potions, and the Village Artisanal. Visit Togoville, where the colonial treaty between the Germans and the ruler Mlapa III was signed. The local leader still shows copies of the treaty to visitors. You can also explore the short coastline which is home to several small fishing villages, sometimes with examples of colonial architecture. Spot the wildlife in the Fazao National Park outside Sokod, the Kran National Park near Kara and the Fosse aux Lions (Lions’ Den) southwest of Dapaong. the traditional mud Takienta tower-houses in Koutammakou, home to the Batammariba. Enjoy water sports in Lake Togo, swim in West Africa’s biggest pool (the Olympic-sized pool at Hotel Sarkawa) or cool off at the lakeside resort of Porto Seguro, which has waterskiing and sailing facilities. Much more enjoyable is going whale watching at the Gulf of Benin. Hike in the scenic hill country around Kapilm. Though cars are available for rent in Togo, the rates are astronomical; you’re usually better off hiring a cab for your trip. The few major roads are mostly in decent shape. Traveling by bicycle is an excellent way to explore Togo. The dry summer months of November and December are the best times that you can visit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: