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Where did you know I was pregnant, from someone else’s mouth? Mother and daughter of the original welcome to share the forwarding of the Sohu, media reprint please contact the author! The dove, the doctor about breeding is a happy thing, but for some of the first pregnancy, pregnant mothers, or there will be a rush of feeling. At the beginning of pregnancy, our bodies react. A lot of people do not feel that they are pregnant, are from other people’s mouth to say, only to feel that they may be pregnant. Although the mouth does not recognize, but the body will always be honest, it will make the most correct response. Hey hey ~ ~ after we get pregnant, the body will have what change? Dizziness and vomiting women spit two points, one is drunk, one is pregnant. As long as the situation appears rather baffling retching, you have to take care of your stomach. Some people vomiting more serious, some light. Once that happens, it’s time to get ready. After the loss of appetite basically every one pregnant, dinner taste will start to change. You may start a bit’sour stand, now can not leave plum; may have meat every day now can see there is no appetite. After be pregnant, generally there will be loss of appetite, taste changes. If you suddenly feel that their tastes changed, the possibility of pregnancy. Fatigue and sleepiness many expectant mothers will become sleepy after pregnancy, which is a common situation in most pregnant women. Every day the rest time, mothers will still exhibit lethargy, drowsiness more sleep state. Usually no matter what things would seem feeble. This is after pregnancy, expectant mothers will appear problems. Menstrual changes after pregnancy, women will show symptoms of menstrual stop. For people with regular menstruation, as long as menstruation is not on time to be able to determine the basic pregnancy. But there are still a small number of people, may also come to menstruation, but less than usual. It is not a good idea for people with irregular menstruation to observe whether menstruation is on time. Breast discomfort breast, can directly reflect the changes in women’s body. If in a period of time, breast pain, swelling feeling, is likely to be pregnant. China saying: An army marches on its stomach. As a source of nutrition after the birth of the baby, breast changes can be understood. We can tell from their own body changes, whether they are really pregnant. However, if you want the exact answer, pregnancy test is a more convenient way, go to the hospital to check it. I do not know what you have to find their mother was pregnant? The original article, without authorization, shall not be reproduced dove doctor, your family doctor, more parental health knowledge, please pay attention to micro signal: [air863], @ dove micro-blog: Doctor of child health problem questions questions, communication, sharing, exchange "相关的主题文章: