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Once upon a time, people had total faith in their family doctors. Their physicians advice and prescribed remedies were accepted without challenge. But over the last few years, weve seen a major change, particularly among Type 2 diabetes sufferers. Instead of accepting their doctors suggestions, diabetics are following advice from Kevin Trudeau, a well-known author and TV pitchman for the Natural Cures series. Why would anyone with a serious, often life-threatening illness like Type 2 diabetes, reject their well-trained, highly educated physicians advice, for the wisdom spouted by a lay person hawking a book on late night TV? Do the words Rezulin, Avandia, managed health care or harried, hurried doctors ring a bell? Prescription products with health hazardous side effects, meddling managed care medical organizations and overworked doctors have caused people to become cynical towards the established medical community. Into this void of unhappy diabetics steps Kevin Trudeau, author of Natural Cures, a series of books that condemn the practices of modern day medicine, with a prescription of natural, alternative solutions to conditions like obesity and high blood sugar levels. The backlash against modern medicine and acceptance of Mr. Trudeaus gospel is understandable. Heres an example of why. Scientists have long known that chromium, a trace mineral, is needed to regulate blood sugar levels in our bodies Unfortunately our chromium supplies are being depleted. Thats because a commonly used sweetener, called high fructose corn syrup (used in much of our food and beverages today), drains this essential mineral from our bodies. So chromium needs to be constantly restored. By using a relatively low cost, over-the-counter product called niacin-bound chromium, blood sugar levels can be returned to a healthy normal level. But, modern medicine has overlooked or rejected this non-prescribed mineral as unproven. Even when niacin-bound chromium, or chromemate was clinically-tested by the established medical community (at respected institutions such as Harvard Medical Center) and found to work, doctors still turned their back on this natural remedy, preferring more expensive prescribed and unfortunately dangerous synthetic solutions. So, who should you trust, your doctor of Kevin Trudeau? Even Mr. Trudeau recommends that you listen to your physician. But he also suggests that you keep an eye open to the ancient wisdom found in natural remedies that can help diabetics to find a healthier life. For More information click the link below. About the Author: Proven Results Health. Diab-X. .www.ProvenResultsHealth.com/ Leading diabetics and pre-diabetics to discover healthier living through natural herbal supplements. 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