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Self-Improvement In the course of our life, many a times we pick up habits that we later on wish to wash our hands off of, but don’t succeed. One of such habits is biting nails; many of us find it very difficult to stop biting nails. Nail biting can take the form of a compulsive disorder arising out of loneliness, under confidence, anger, fear or anxiety. In some people it is based on sheer boredom and lack of things to do. While some as children, just pick the habit up from their elders. In most of the cases, people do not try as they believe a habit so old can never die, but that is not true at all. All it takes is a little determination and anything can be possible. The first thing that you need to know is what harm it gives if you bite your nails. Many people just consider it to be a normal negligible habit with no harmful effects and therefore do not pay any attention to it. Let us get to the effects of the disorder. It has a double layered effect on the health and public image of the person. While health wise, it leads to stomach infections, food poisoning to even cancer, when it comes to an impression on a stranger, a nail biter will give the impression of being under confident, sly and might even come under suspicion on a crime scene. Senior detective Mr. Peter Wilson confirms that people with compulsive personality disorders like nail biting often come under suspicion because of this personality trait. The question that comes to one’s mind next is how to get rid of this habit. Well there are many effective solutions some use practical approaches and other use psychological approaches. The practical methods include anti nail biting products like bitter nail paint and nail tape. The principle is that when the paint or tape comes in contact with your tongue it gives a foul taste in your mouth and reminds you not to bite your nails. Psychological solutions motivate you to not bite your nails and include nail diary writing, maintaining your nails through manicure and filing, positive thinking etc. but the first requirement is to believe that you can do it. Without belief and determination, nothing can be achieved. Nail biting is a very small habit, it is in your hands to cure it or let it spread out in your life like a life long curse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: