Why does Jing Bairan love to wear a sweater, because it is the men’s beauty camera (video). candy candy

Why does Jing Bairan love to wear a sweater, because it is the men’s beauty camera ah "cold air strikes every day, your mother is not already can find out the long johns turtleneck sweater is the artifact is Paul Yan and warm people often say:" manners can not guarantee the temperature." So now the cold air strikes again (weather forecast said rain in the next few days, remember to take an umbrella), which degree do you choose? Fortunately, in the fashion of such a magical, beautiful can you Yan, also can ensure your temperature, it is — downneck. When it comes to this single product name is also very interesting, different countries are not the same. In the UK it is called a " Polo neck" or " (Polo); roll neck" (lapels); but in the United States and Canada are called " turtleneck" (turtle neck), Macao people more love " skivvy" (T-shirt) name. No matter what the name of the ocean in the end, to collar collar sweater is not a story without the silly white sweet". 13 to fifteenth Century, it was brave men wear to prevent scratches caused by armor. In nineteenth Century, because the warm turtleneck, then need to work in the outdoor workers, seaman who are very love to wear. Celebrities and show love to the most modern, turtleneck has been eyeing the culture circle. This covers the neck but not block the cylinder mouth collar sweater became Wen Qing, celebrities and trendsetter popular single product, a real turtleneck era. Haven’t you noticed that Apple’s soul figure, Jobs, dressed up in the days and nights of watching the apple press in front of the TV? The high collar shirt + jeans + shoes for ten years as one day, as many IT male dress model. The domestic various little meat, acting carry handle are also on the downneck love, single wear coats, suits, collocation, walk in the street with a T machine. Obama’s pickled cabbage are all in the TV drama activities, choose this "warm" single product. Under the snow in winter, the heroine in their warm coat, male face with a smile, "sunflower" Korean routines are such a speech. Even has a personality star also won’t miss wearing a turtleneck to shoot large, red carpet opportunity. Why? Because of the attraction. The source of inspiration are star wear is the major fashion brand show, as can be imagined turtleneck with lightning speed to capture the mainstream men’s fashion week show. 3 troubles so many of the stars are wearing trendsetter turtleneck, plus the weather turns cold, what reason do not wear. I believe that some men still have a lot of trouble for the T-shirt (after all carry stylist, not everyone can do). 1 worry: wear high necked sweater, will appear a short neck? 2 worry: wear high necked sweater, will become a big head? 3 worry: wear high necked sweater, will appear chest? The 4 way to wear it is a very high collar sweater, but the style is varied. Coarse needle downneck Han Faner!相关的主题文章: