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"Why" Sui Yongliang married for love haggard acting breakthrough self – Sohu Sui Yongliang entertainment romantically involved     Sohu entertainment news by Tak television produced, Su Wancong director, Yao Di, and Sui Yongliang have led starred in the metropolis emotion hot drama "marriage" why since the launch has been widely discussed in the audience. The drama of family ethics to abandon the idea that the main elements of the marriage drama repertoire, and the narrative techniques of neural comedy, depicting a younger generation of freedom, individuality, impulse and confusion. With three people’s misunderstanding and conflict deepened, Sui Yongliang’s words in Zheng emotional game gradually lose advantage, by breaking up the dilemma, for the emotional journey step by step down, characters’inner also experienced heartache from anger to helpless to change, Sui Yongliang said deduction this feeling fluctuation is very challenging. Sui Yongliang because of love haggard Yao Di cold insisted on divorce last week, "the wedding" why ushered in the climax of the story, said Zheng and Wang you sugar in sweet? To a single dog after feeling a sudden turn for the worse so many fans of CP, Zheng party abuse is not left to the slag. The play, you experienced all kinds of misunderstandings and not to be trusted and understood, finally decided to divorce, a farce temporarily draw a dot. After the meal, Zheng Yan put forward a divorce in abnormal sleep at night, confused in mind, haggard. You just thought the moment after repeatedly failed to retain lousy choice of word, you decide to change. The sweet and harmonious marriage broke down, Zheng Yan’s life began to gradually out of control, increasingly haggard. Two people from the initial marriage sweet, to break up when All thoughts are blasted., for this period of ups and downs, poignant sadomasochism, many netizens said: "marriage is the most important is the two world mutual understanding and trust, now two people because of unwarranted things misunderstanding caused by the breakdown of the feelings, really make people feel sorry." Sui Yongliang breakthrough self compelling emotions of love suffered emotional torture but the Sui Yung Lang Yao Di, but also with the controversial figures and Sui Yung Lang frequently under heated discussion users. This "virgin cancer obsessive" husband Zheng Yan deduction has attracted the audience’s attention, so many users feel that the characteristics of Sui Yung Lang obsessive "portrait of vivid, reach the acme of perfection. He has a strong sense of self and principles, he has feelings with the feelings of the principle of "over the top", also hope that the partner can maintain loyalty and stick, so this contradiction is a misunderstanding triggered after bitterness. Not only that, the pursuit of perfectionism Zheng said it will not easily give up a relationship, he has been self reflection, the initiative to defend, and even a little lower their bottom line. This emotional line from simple to complex, as well as the character of the overthrow and transformation, for the presentation of the actor is not a small challenge. Many netizens commented on micro-blog, "Zheng Yan was suspicious and possessive let the audience in the theater will often open Tucao mode, but also reflects the depiction of the character of Sui Yongliang is very successful and go, acting is online". Feeling frustrated is Zheng also adhere to this relationship, whether he and you can be a broken mirror joined together.相关的主题文章: