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Are you looking for advice that helps grow muscle and will offer an efficient way to raise the weight you can lift on almost every back exercise you perform? Most people aren’t even aware of this…. There is a secret, my friend, and the sad fact is that if you haven’t been using this basic piece of equipment that helps grow muscle, you have already missed out on gaining serious size and strength. What could it possibly be that helps grow muscle in such a major fashion? Would you believe it’s a pair of lifting straps? A lifting strap is a basic and very effective tool that helps grow muscle, but for some reason, many builders don’t take advantage of them. Lifting strips are thick and durable straps designed to wrap around a barbell, dumbbell, or cable attachment. They give a secure connection between your wrist and the weight, so you don’t have to worry about your grip. With straps, you’re able to hang onto the bar and do your exercises without putting in any energy from your forearms. There is a reason this is so important. Picture this …. You’re right in the middle of doing deadlifts, which are the best muscle-building exercise ever, and you need to do 8 reps to meet your goal. You gear up, grip the weight, and lift the bar off the ground. You think the set is going well until you reach rep number 5 and realize that the strain on your grip is so great that you can no longer hold onto the bar. Your forearms have reached muscular failure, so you have to stop the set. What’s the out.e here? You killed it with that forearm workout! Great job! Unfortunately, you cut into the stimulation you could have had on your back, shoulders, legs, and just about every other muscle that is affected by the deadlift. Not what you were looking for! When you work with a lifting strap, you eliminate this problem, and it helps grow muscle because you reach muscular failure in the major muscle groups you actually wanted to target, instead of your forearms and grip. When the grip .es into play, you should use a lifting strap; this might include back or other similar exercises. Some people argue that lifting straps work as a "crutch" and hurt your development of grip strength and forearm size. Seriously. Do you want to develop strength and muscle mass on your upper back, lats, and almost every other major muscle group in your body, or do you want to be able to crack open a jar of pickles? The choice is yours. Thanks to all the great gains in muscle mass and strength, you’re not going to miss any negative effect that lifting straps might have on your forearms and grip. Just add some specific forearm movements into your routine to develop your grip strength and forearm size-it’s not that hard. You’re wasting time if you don’t already use a lifting strap that helps grow muscle, so get on it. You can get them at practically any store with sports or fitness equipment, or order your strap online. 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