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.dogsittercentral.com 20 Free Insider Secrets for finding the best dog boarding in Utah! 1-Time and Distance: Many people think that they will certainly be able to find a good dog boarding facility close to their home. a.This is not necessarily the case. You might have to go a couple of minutes out of you way. But the difference to your pet will certainly be recognized. 2-Look for a dog sitter instead of a boarding kennel. a.The reason for this is most kennels are over crowded and do not give your dog the true attention that they need. We like to call it doggie prison. Now keep in mind they are not intentionally hurting your dog. However, you dog have feelings of abandonment just like you would. So you want to make sure that you have an in home dog sitting facility. 3-Get to know your dog sitter. Take a day or two and call. Ask questions and tell the dog sitter what your expectations are up front. That way all of your concerns can be addressed. Take the time to meet with them if possible. 4-If you use a kennel. a.Make sure that they dont have more than 4 or 5 dogs for every employee. 5-Do not allow your dog to be boarded in a small cage. 6-Refrain from letting your dog boarding facility feed your pet food that is generic. a.Not only will your dog have anxiety but also now they are going to be sick to their stomach. A change of eating habits is never a good idea. 7-The biggest mistake that people make when boarding their dog in Utah is allowing multiple pets to be placed in the same cage. a.How many times have we seen in our own experiences kennels will intentionally put multiple dogs in one cage. Why? For profit. b.They dont care if the dogs are uncomfortable or anxious. All they want to do is get as many dogs into the kennel for the night as possible. 8-Experience great topic of conversation when getting to know your dog boarder. a.Ask them if they own their own dogs. And as you look them in the eyes, have a follow up question and see how they react. Example you could ask them Would you leave your dog in this kennel? 9-Does your dog kennel come to you home? 10-Will your dog sitter over charge you? The average cost to kennel a dog in Utah, is outrageous. Per nigh it can cost up to 50 to 75 dollars a night. 11-Building a long-term relationship with a friend of a family member to watch your dog often leads to tension within the family. We recommend only using family members or neighbors at most once a year. a.Think of how many times you get back from your vacation, and then you go months without talking to the person that watched your animals b.Find an affordable dog sitter. We recommend Amys www.slcdogsitter.com , but there are many other affordable dog sitters in the Utah valley. 12-How much times during the day will you give your dogs have to play and run in an open yard? Tip 12 suggestion is that you give them at least 1 to 4 hours a day to just be a dog and run and play in an open yard. a.Placing a dog in a kennel they will get no more than 20 minutes a day to pee. Now you see why we call kennels dog boarding prisons. 13-Can your kennel or will your kennel send you text messages regarding your pet while you are on vacation? a.We suggest using a dog sitter that will send you emails and videos of your dog, upon request. 14-Is the provider friendly? a.As you talk to the dog sitter, if you are uncomfortable talking to them. Do you really think that your dog will be comfortable staying multiple days with that person? Again ask questions and meet with them if possible. 15-Suggestion 15 has to do with youth. Do not let a young person dog sit your pet. They typically will only be at the house until you are gone then they will just lock up the dogs and go off doing what young people do. We suggest leaving your pet with someone that loves and cares for animals and have a sense of responsibility. Most young people have not acquired this trait until the age of 30. Some younger but obviously you dont want to leave your dog with an 18 to 25 years old kid. Choose wisely!! 16-Does your kennel have both cats and dogs in the same area. One of the biggest secrets that kennels will not tell you is that they do have both in the same area. a.Why does this matter? Well anxiety in dogs will certainly go up when surrounded by the smell of other dogs. Can you image how high your pets anxiety will go when you force him into a cage with the smell of Cats? 17-We have found that most of the worst dog sitters and boarding facilitys in Utah are around the middle of the valley. Stay away from down town boarding facilities. We have also found that there are many facilitys on the east side of the valley that over charge for what they provide. We recommend finding a dog sitter in the Harriman, Kearns, West Valley, or Hunter area. 18-Just because you are paying 75$ per dog per night does NOT mean that you have found the best facility. 19-We cannot stress finding someone you can turn too Monday through Sunday. If they are open early in the morning to late in the evening, these are the best dog-boarding facilities to use. 20-Let your heart lead you to the right dog sitter. If you feel good about your sitter, then your dog will sense that and they will feel good about being there. Hope these 20 suggestions find you well. And never hesitate to call us if you have any other questions or concerns. Warm Regards Amy Hiatt 5148 West Cherrywood Lane Salt Lake City, Utah 84120 801-560-7018 www.slcdogsitter.com About the Author: Copyright@2010 DogSitterCentral.com, Inc. Amy Hiatt has more than 25 years experience boarding and dog kennel experience. She has helped 1000’s of clients find the best dog boarding facility. 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