Women’s live cut wrist fire fighting officers and soldiers on the 18 floor cable rescue-winbook

Women live on the wrist to jump off the fire brigade officers and men of the 18 floor of the cable rescue rescue original title: Women’s WeChat live cut wrist jumping Chongqing, Fengdu, fire fighting, floor, floor, cable, rescue figure for firefighters waiting for the rope rescue rescue. Huang Hua photo Beijing, Chongqing, October 23, (Huang Huazhongyi) 23 reporter learned from Chongqing City Fire Department, 14 pm the same day, Chongqing Fengdu fire rescue down through the cable way to save a woman want to commit suicide. The 23 day at 12:58, the woman through the WeChat group, released their wrists and climb up the 17 floor window to suicide video. After receiving the alarm of a woman friend, Fengdu fire squadron squadron immediately sent 8 officers to the scene to rescue. 8 minutes later, the fire brigade rushed to the scene, found the woman sitting somewhere in the 17 floor of the unit floor window, not throwing bottles, clothes, bag and other items to the downstairs, the mood is very excited, the fire brigade immediately on the scene to carry out vigilance, avoid personnel injured. It is understood that the woman with a friend flat-share on the 17 floor, because of emotional problems to cut wrist jumping. The scene, the woman to commit suicide location for the housing in the bedroom, the bedroom door was locked outside the rescuers woman, unable to enter. Taking into account the forced break, the woman is likely to jump from the upstairs, the commander had ordered the firefighters downstairs to lay the life of the air cushion, as far as possible to prepare for rescue. For the woman to commit suicide. Huang Hua photo time went, the rescue is still in a stalemate. A fireman came from the woman’s suicide not far from the 17 floor of another bedroom, through the bedroom window, the woman to commit suicide is sitting on the windowsill, half of the body was hanging in the window, she kept with a knife cut, blood stained shocking. If we do not immediately to rescue the woman is likely to cause syncope due to excessive bleeding and falls. Fire commander and the police quickly to discuss a rescue plan. By the female friends continue to persuade him at the door, a firefighter is responsible for observing the woman’s physical condition at the window, and firefighters ready to fall from the 18 floor of the cable to the floor of the 17 floor rescue. 13:50, the woman found the edge of the window items have been thrown after her, and finally left the windowsill, came to the bedroom to search for items to continue to throw down. While the woman left the window on the occasion, waiting for the rapid drop cable sealed window on the 18 floor of the firefighters, while waiting at the door of the door, successfully grabbed the tool in the hands of women, the woman to commit suicide was successfully rescued. At present, the woman to commit suicide have been brought to the police station area, further mediation by the police. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: