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Wonderful wedding: good buddy hundred egg "hit" groom – Sohu news life newspaper news February 18th in the wedding scene, with egg and other daily necessities "hit" the groom you met? At the wedding ceremony of a young man in Jixi, the egg was put on the bridegroom’s face. Recently, who lives in Jixi City, Chengzihe District Chen Gongming and finally married his sweetheart. Can you arrive at the hotel at the wedding team, but five or six men age to surrounded, they hand to groom a meal bash egg. In a few minutes, all more than 100 eggs were reimbursed. And the groom seems to have been prepared, from the car to get down, they have worn a set of camouflage raincoat. In this raincoat under the cover of the bridegroom is not egg. Later, the relatives who came to rescue robbed the bridegroom, and the egg war ended. According to Chen Gongming, the bridegroom, the bridegroom in Jixi couldn’t escape the fight". The Revenge of him was his best buddies. "When they got married, I wasn’t idle, it seemed like they were playing harder than they did." The bridegroom said happily. "Attack" groom, Mr. Liu told reporters at the wedding, "play" the groom this custom started with long-standing, is grain, a kind of sustenance and blessing of a representative of the people, the new hope after entering the new home, do not worry about food and clothing, rich and colorful life. In recent years, the development of eggs, sauerkraut soup, stinky tofu and so on, but also more ruthless use of fire extinguishers. Although the material looks very fierce, but it is not really hit, those who participate in this scene, are the best friend of the groom’s husband. As the saying goes: fight is close, scold is love. The map is a festive and lively.

奇葩婚礼:好哥们百余鸡蛋“砸”新郎-搜狐新闻  生活报2月18日讯 在婚礼现场,用鸡蛋等生活用品“打”新郎官你见过吗?在鸡西市一个小伙子的婚礼上,就上演了鸡蛋“打”新郎的场面。   近日,家住鸡西市城子河区的陈恭明终于和他的心上人结婚了。可就在结婚车队到达酒店时,却被五六个同龄男士给包围了,他们个个手握鸡蛋对着新郎官一顿猛砸。几分钟功夫,100多个鸡蛋全都报销了。而新郎官似乎也早有准备,从接亲车上下来时,就已经穿好了一套迷彩雨衣。在这套雨衣的掩护下,新郎官没有被鸡蛋弄污。后来,前来营救的亲属抢走了新郎官,这场鸡蛋大战才算结束。   据新郎官陈恭明介绍,在鸡西新郎官都躲不过这一“打”。这次对他实施“报复”的都是他最要好的几个哥们。“在他们结婚时,我也没闲着,好像比他们打得还狠。”新郎官开心地说。   “袭击”新郎官的刘先生告诉记者,在婚礼上“打”新郎这种婚俗由来已久,一开始用的是五谷杂粮,代表老百姓的一种寄托和祝福,希望新人在进入新家之后,不愁吃穿,生活丰富多彩。近几年发展到用鸡蛋、酸菜汤、臭豆腐等,还有更狠的用上了灭火器。虽然材料看上去很猛,但也不是真打,凡是参加这种场面的人,都是新郎官最要好的哥们儿。常言道:打是亲,骂是爱。图得就是个喜庆、热闹。相关的主题文章: