Workplace Psychology 5 strokes to make your get strong connections (Figure) jodie foster

Workplace psychological: 5 strokes make you super get connections (Figure) 5 strokes make you super get connections in this world, everyone is out of the ordinary, everybody wants to have friends, but there’s a group of people, they are like "insulator" out of contact with anyone. But such a person, you need to go out with people with different personalities, so for their own social impact. The face is not love but have to get along with people, try the following 5 relationships, will let you have a good. The two sides, a polite English will be based on each other’s attitudes and behavior to adjust their own state, if we are in communication and mismatched, clearly showing the bad attitude, or said something offensive, then they will use the same method to retaliate against us. Lead to further deterioration of relations. Therefore, no matter who will keep face, basic social etiquette, such as meeting to greet and smile when talking to others in watching each other, use "thank you" and "please" honorific. Two, to maintain a bowl of soup, a bowl of soup, said parents do not want to live with their adult children under one roof, but live in a bowl to keep the distance near Thowenge. The idea of a bowl of soup is to let the two sides not too much interference in their lives, to avoid excessive intimacy and ignore the boundaries of privacy. "A bowl of soup" distance is also applicable to other interpersonal relationships. Whether it is the face of a business partner, colleague, or living in a flat-share roommate, are in the process of communication and attention to respect their privacy, not easy to talk about themselves and other people’s affairs, will give people the feeling of people a sense of propriety, win the respect of others. Three, to avoid further discussion and work related topics facing the clash with the character of the people, since we know each other with their outlook on life, values and world view are different, if need, we should try to avoid in-depth discussions on the society, life and other topics, both because of different views and avoid disputes, damage the harmonious atmosphere of the original. Four, do not care too much about the evaluation of each person is not living in the mouth of others, but have their own lives. When people do not like to give some negative evaluation of their own, it is necessary to take into account this is the difference between the personality and the formation of views, and their true character. Too much attention to the evaluation of others, they will ignore their original flash point, causing trouble, but to work, life resistance. Five, in the business and not factual, and the character of the people to work together, to make my personal feelings aside, for the good of the team, together to do a good job. Then, you have to reflect on, people are not perfect, cooperation with others, to be tolerant of other people in the professional criticism. Sometimes, the character of different people if they can put aside the prejudice against each other, go all out to face the work, may accidentally wipe out a new spark, in the work to achieve remarkable results. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: